Diamant Jeans + Jewel Denim = Elegant Bling!Born a year and a half ago from the association of Italian designers and French jewelers, Diamant Jean’s revolutionized the universe of fashion by creating the first styles of hand-made Jeans to measure, with noble materials inserts like silk or velvet and by integrating for the first time real jewels on clothes. As success was immediate Diamant Jean’s decided to democratize the “Jewel – Denim” through the more purified “Access” line, accessible to everyone, but with style’s requirements quite as significant. The secret was to create unique washes and perfect cuts.

1) Prestige Line : Unique hand-made styles and art-work pieces starting from denim. The styles are accessorized with precious stones and noble materials (silks, velvet, leathers) and repainted.
2) Access Line : Purified line for everyone, democratizing the jeans with sober & smart styles, all while preserving the idea of jewel-clothes. Each pair of jeans is accessorized with a removable gold-plated jewel-button set with a small diamond.
3) Rigoletto Line : Half-way line between Prestige and Access, destructuring the basic styles by adding materials like silks, leather or python, while keeping a sober and elegant spirit.