Creative Recreation Shoes x Cr8tive Recreation SneakersCreative Recreation Shoes are attracting well-deserved attention. Their designs are fresh and creative and have an urban chic vibe. Worth a good long butchers for sure!

Realizing that this generation was not going to follow in the same footsteps as the one before them Creative Recreation began their own journey. Being successful in this generation did not require wearing a suit and tie rather it was just the opposite. This generation is in more control or their destiny and their careers. This genre has become known for its entrepreneurial drive. Along with this came freedoms of fashion in the work place and in other social setting.

With these inspirations behind them Creative Recreation set out to fill this void. The two founders simply set out to design shoes that they wanted to wear. By sampling the best aspects from other footwear categories they have incorporated the comfort of an athletic sneaker combined with the materialization of a dress shoe to create the ultimate crossbreed.

Many people have difficulties understanding what category Creative Recreation footwear falls into. That has been the best compliment to the founders. “We don’t want to be put into any category, were a footwear company! We make shoes for our lifestyle, rather we make shoes for life with style”.