Amplified Clothes + Amplified T-Shirt = Retro Rock!Move over ‘Boho Chic’ and make way for the ‘Retro Rock Goddess.’ 1960-70’s Rock Legends and 80’s Punk Poets, have found their way back into our wardrobe thanks to Amplified, a new clothing range featuring distressed and vintage-esque tops, tees, jackets, and skirts.

The collection has a range of t-shirts, vests, jackets & skirts that have rock legends applied using a varity of application techniques. The 80’s punk princess will love the oversized t-shirts and bat wing vests. The tops are sexy and heavily influenced by 80’s punk fashion. They feature prints from David Bowie, The Clash, Motor Head, Ramones, Led Zeppelin and the Sex Pistols. The fabric has been distressed to give it a vintage feel making these the perfect catalyst for a rock revival. For a sexier, more fitted look, the collection features frill sleeved shirts, vests, and polo neck shirts. These tops feature classic images from the Rolling Stones, the Who, Pink Floyd, and the Clash.