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June 2006

Triple 5 Soul Apparel + T5S Shoes = Ultimate Urban Fashion!

Triple 5 Soul Apparel + T5S Shoes = Ultimate Urban Fashion!Born in 1989, Triple Five Soul originated as a humble storefront in New York City’s Lower East Side. Originally entitled with a tongue-in-cheek reference to one of the then-popular telephone party lines, T5S quickly became a focal point for a multi-faceted cultural movement. Exponentially increasing coverage in a wide range of fashion magazines, an uncanny and genuine popularity amongst this generation’s cultural heroes, and the unorthodox establishment of a base of operations in Brooklyn’s then upcoming Williamsburg neighbourhood all contributed to Triple Five Soul’s broad and fashion-forward visibility as leader of the street wear industry.

Spring 2007 features the leaner bottom with a voluminous top for girls. For guys it’s the short jacket with a lean bottom. Blazers are on the downswing, with military inspired short cotton jackets taking their place. Cotton bottoms are also coming back strong, there will be a huge variety of pants and shorts in a range of fabrics, lengths and styles, all with washed down, soft, vintage feel. Key themes for Spring 07 will be beach, surf and resort – it is a time when people want to get away. The colors and prints of the tropics will be very important. Continuing an already exciting expansion, Triple 5 Soul has ventured into new territory by launching a line of fashion footwear.

Franklin & Marshall Clothing + Franklin & Marshall Tee

Franklin & Marshall Clothing + Franklin & Marshall TeeThe difference between Franklin & Marshall and all other brands lies in the ability to take creative risks, risks that are based on the simple fact that style must be unique and innovative. The concept of style is taken from the true college lifestyle, a marketing mix that has continuously proven successful. The union of various elements determines not only product but also a specific point of reference to a specific lifestyle. These elements are thriving as a result of a marketing mix based on true vintage, college, and American culture with references to the 1950’s and 1970’s. Trendy active wear suitable for any place or time creating a lifestyle suitable for everyone.Franklin & Marshall’s name is distinctive and goes back to the founding of Franklin & Marshall college in 1787 in Lancaster.

The 2007 Spring-Summer Franklin and Marshall collection distinguishes itself from previous collections because it is characterized by an important presence of new designs even if the College theme and vintage style continue to be the soul of the collection. The previous Franklin and Marshall style was in this way re-evaluated, adapting and often reviving the original graphic designs brough back on t- shirts and sweatshirts that American College students wore in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

People’s Liberation Jeans + Tommy Lee, Motley Crue Drummer!

People's Liberation Jeans + Tommy Lee, Motley Crue Drummer!People’s Liberation, Inc., the designer of high-end casual apparel under the brand names People’s Liberation and William Rast, has announced that People’s Liberation will collaborate with MÖTLEY CRÃœE drummer Tommy Lee to create a limited-edition clothing group called “PL for TL”. The clothing line will consist of a range of denim, hooded sweatshirts and hats for both men and women and will combine modern tailoring with an edgy, yet super sleek fit. The inspiration of the “PL for TL” group is the artistic elements of Tommy Lee’s tattoos. The knits and denim will have authentic detailing influenced by Tommy’s unique aesthetic. Tommy Lee will also be intimately involved in the design and development of the products and will make a minimum of six annual appearances at a combination of trade shows, retail locations and fashion shows to promote the clothing line.

“Our collaboration with Tommy Lee represents a significant opportunity for People’s Liberation. We plan to bring a new combination of entertainment and style to the fashion market,” said Danny Guez, CEO of People’s Liberation. “PL for TL is about exposing our brand to a wider audience and Tommy Lee is perfectly suited to help us achieve this goal. Tommy Lee’s iconic presence and aspirational lifestyle will help broaden our reach and further increase our strong momentum.”

The “PL for TL” collection is expected to launch in Bloomingdale’s in September 2006. Pearl Woodring, contemporary buyer from Bloomingdale’s commented, “People’s Liberation keeps their fashions fresh and current and we are excited about this new collaboration. We are confident that carrying the PL for TL line will result in continued success with the brand.”

Eblood Clothing + Eblood Jeans = Ethical Fashion!

Eblood Clothing + Eblood Jeans = Ethical Fashion!EBLOOD Clothing was born in July 1999 when Fabio, a vegan straight edge kid, decided to give voice to his dream of creating a very strong conceptual streetwear brand like none had done before him that would combine style, quality and ethics.EBLOOD pushes critical thinking on issues related to human, animal and earth liberation. Since day one EBLOOD Clothing has tried to support bands, artists and individuals from different walks of life who would share the same core beliefs of the company like Earth Crisis, Walls of jericho, Most precious blood and many many others.

Next Spring 2007 EBLOOD collection is divided into 3 main lines. The Logo Line is a more urban collection with detailed cuts, relaxed fits, contrast stiching and colored patterns combined with basic applications, embroideries and high density printing built around the company’s main logo. The Core Line is deeply rooted in the history of the brand so it is much more radical, dark colored with slimmer fits, simple cuts with way more aggressive designs. The Queen line is dedicated to girls only. Feminine and girly cuts are combined with more aggressive details and not so dominant graphics which make the collection radical though very sweet.

The whole collection is based upon the concept of “UPRISING” as a tribute to Bob Marley, Sean Muttaqui, the founder of the hardline movement and Barry Horne, whose determination led him to death in jail, in the name of freedom for all living creatures.Our designs are inspired by their persistence to pursue truth and wage all out war on human stupidity.To them goes our deepest respect and appreciation.

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans = Hot Combination!

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans = Hot Combination!These are some of the rarest Red Monkey Jeans on the planet. Not only are they original but they are signed by the fashion guru Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic himself. These Red Monkey jeans are destined for one of the world’s hottest new Hip Hop stars, Papoose! Thanks to Togged!

Bottom line, Papoose is the hottest upcoming artist in the world and his street buzz is immaculate. His Internet following is tremendous and he has the same amount of downloads as most platinum artist. Papoose’s music captures audiences with its intelligent wordplay, stunning metaphors and cunning street knowledge while still carrying a message. At this time, a bidding war has ignited and a record deal will be an option rather than a question. Papoose is the future.

Nike Trainers + Converse Chucks = Winning Combination!

Nike Trainers + Converse Chucks = Winning Combination!Few shoe styles have been alive longer than Converse’s Chuck Taylor All Star, the canvas-and-rubber basketball sneaker that legions of hard-core fans have elevated to an antifashion icon.

For almost 75 years, Converse has sold “Chucks” in a limited range of colors and just two basic styles — low tops and high tops. Simplicity has been part of their appeal, especially with teens eager to show their disregard for mainstream trends and high-price athletic shoes. Sales were hotter some years than others, but they never fizzled out, making Chucks and their steady sales a prized franchise in a fickle business.

Recently, though, sales of the All Star have been heading north on a fast track, the result of a whirlwind marketing effort this past year that brought more than 1,000 types of Chucks to retail chains such as Foot Locker and Journeys, as well as to high-end boutiques like Barneys New York. The standard high and low tops still cost only $38, but pricey variations include gold-metallic Chucks ($72), knee-high shearling-lined Chucks ($175), pin-striped Chucks ($55) — even Chucks designed by menswear designer John Varvatos ($95). “Limited edition” snakeskin high top Chucks sell for $1,800.

Converse’s transformation from fashion rebel to fashionista is largely the work of Nike Inc., Converse’s parent company since 2003. The Beaverton, Ore., shoe giant is known for smothering acquisitions with the Nike name and swoosh logo: In 1995, after buying Canstar Sports, the maker of Bauer hockey equipment, Nike changed the company’s name to Nike Bauer Hockey and stamped the swoosh on hockey sticks and skates — much to hockey fans’ irritation. In the industry, the strategy became known as “Beaverizing.”

The Nike influence also has helped Converse offer customized Chucks. Customers go online to personalize a pair of Chucks, choosing a color or a pattern, like skull-and-bones, for the shoes’ laces, rubber soles, racing stripe, tongue or canvas body. Initials or words — available in a choice of two fonts — can go above the heel. “Every part of the business has benefited” from the collaboration, says Jack Boys, Converse’s CEO. “I’m sure glad we’re part of the team,” he adds. “Nike is a little scary. … If you get in their way, they can squash you like a bug.”

By Stephanie Kang
The Wall Street Journal

Lonsdale Clothing + Lonsdale Sweatshirt = Count Yellow!

Lonsdale Clothing + Lonsdale Sweatshirt = Count Yellow!In the sixties, the professional boxer Bernard Hart obtained permission from James Lowter, the 7th Count of Lonsdale, to use the name “Lonsdale” for the production of technical equipment and sportswear for boxing. James Lowter was grandson of the more famous Cecil Hugh Lowter, 5th Count of Lonsdale, who was the first President of England’s National Sporting Club. London’s Arsenal Football Club owes the yellow colour of the “Gunners” to him, who was also known as Count Yellow because of his love for the colour. He was also the first to introduce boxing gloves into the ring.

Bernard Hart founded Lonsdale Sports Equipment Ltd and opened the famous shop in Beak Street, London, in the heart of Soho, which at first just sold equipment and clothing for boxers but immediately afterwards started to sell casual clothing. This second product line soon came to be considered very trendy. The shop is still a cult-destination for fashion victims from all over the world.

Thanks to an ever evolving research into fashion, the casual style continues to set the trend in a public that is ever more transversal and wide-ranging, and not only amongst the young, and indeed it is always worn by the most famous names of the international jet set.

The Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 collection is inspired by the brands’ traditions, even though it introduces new materials and innovative production techniques. Designed with trendy colours, the collection recalls vintage sporty themes and uses unusual combinations of particular materials. The models are new as well, but the line is still faithful to the style that made Lonsdale’s success all over the world.

Splendid Top + Splendid Tank = Truly Splendid Clothing!

Splendid Top + Splendid Tank = Truly Splendid Clothing!Splendid tees and tanks are some of the best on the market with their super soft feel and amazing fit. This line takes it one step further by incorporating loads of styles and beautiful colors to layer or wear as separates. One line has never done so many things right. Truly Splendid! Splendid has a long list of celebrity devotees, including Jessica Simpson Mischa Barton Lindsay Lohan Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba.

McQ Jeans + McQ Clothes = Raw Aesthetic

McQ Jeans + McQ Clothes = Raw Aesthetic“McQ gives me the opportunity to further expand the younger, edgier, and rawer side of my aesthetic,” says the designer. “It’s a rebellious version of the mainline McQueen collection.”

The ‘McQ’ collections will include both men’s and women’s ready-to-wear and accessories and will be exclusively designed by Alexander McQueen. The new collections will allow Alexander McQueen’s internationally acclaimed design ethos to reach a much wider audience whilst complementing the brand’s existing highly successful main line collections of luxury ready-to-wear and accessories. The new label will be distributed worldwide in selected stores from June 2006.

Diamant Jeans + Jewel Denim = Elegant Bling!

Diamant Jeans + Jewel Denim = Elegant Bling!Born a year and a half ago from the association of Italian designers and French jewelers, Diamant Jean’s revolutionized the universe of fashion by creating the first styles of hand-made Jeans to measure, with noble materials inserts like silk or velvet and by integrating for the first time real jewels on clothes. As success was immediate Diamant Jean’s decided to democratize the “Jewel – Denim” through the more purified “Access” line, accessible to everyone, but with style’s requirements quite as significant. The secret was to create unique washes and perfect cuts.

1) Prestige Line : Unique hand-made styles and art-work pieces starting from denim. The styles are accessorized with precious stones and noble materials (silks, velvet, leathers) and repainted.
2) Access Line : Purified line for everyone, democratizing the jeans with sober & smart styles, all while preserving the idea of jewel-clothes. Each pair of jeans is accessorized with a removable gold-plated jewel-button set with a small diamond.
3) Rigoletto Line : Half-way line between Prestige and Access, destructuring the basic styles by adding materials like silks, leather or python, while keeping a sober and elegant spirit.

J Brand Jeans x Straight Leg Jeans = Back to Basics!

J Brand Jeans x Straight Leg Jeans = Back to Basics!Denim manufacturer Jeff Rudes teams up with Celebrity stylist Susie Crippen. The two set out to create a classic and sophisticated jean with the emphasis on fit while tending to one mandate; no excess hardware or embellishments. Paying attention to stitching details and clean dark finishes, together hey have created a combination of sexiness and style in a women’s jean while allowing the woman to feel comfortable. “It’s about a women looking beautiful in her jeans, not the jean drawing attention to her” says Susie.

Jeff pioneered the American French jean boom in the late 70’s with his first jeans brand Paris 2000. In the 80’s he moved to California from New York and started Area Code, a trendy junior line of lycra knits. Getting back into denim in the 90’s he went on and partnered with industry icons Ron Herman and Adriano Goldschmied to create A. Gold E., a successful denim sportswear brand. He then stepped into the private label arena in 1999 and helped Abercrombie & Fitch transform their denim assortment while becoming their largest supplier of premium jeans. It was now time for him to get back to his passion of branding; and J BRAND was in his vision.

Susie has been dressing Hollywood’s actresses for years in numerous photo shoots and movie industry award events. An avid jean enthusiast, herself, Susie had access to the leading jean company’s latest trends and feedback from the women wearing them. She co-created J BRAND with this knowledge of how women want a jean to feel and fit on their body. The ultimate result was the simplicity of J BRAND. No back pocket design, no tears and holes, clean classic washes, and a smashing silhouette.

J BRAND launched as an exclusive at Ron Herman’s Melrose jean bar in the Spring of 2005. The brand had immediate success, and with conviction they then introduced the skinny straight leg and became known as the first American made premium jean to drive this new trend. The collection will always stay clean and classic while growing the brand to denim related items such as jackets and fitted shirts. Men’s will be introduced in Spring of 2006.

RMC Jeans x Evisu Jeans = The Carnivorous Clown!

RMC Jeans x Evisu Jeans = The Carnivorous Clown!People could fairly be mistaken for a new collaboration between denim giants Evisu and denim new boys RMC; on one back pocket there’s the unmistakable RMC embroidery and on the other back pocket there’s a logo that could easily be mistaken for Evisu’s gold gullwing. This is no divine denim collaboration though, this has to be the weirdest fashion venture of 2006 since the big gold gullwing is in fact a big gold Macdonald’s “M”, the world-famous carnivorous clown.

Apparently Ronald MacDonald commissioned RMC and Eric Kot to design a new uniform for their staff. In response this unlikely team designed a basic pair of jeans using the 1001 model with the RMC signature Tsunami pattern on the right back pocket, and added MacDonald’s big golden “M” on the left. It’s almost impossible to believe that RMC would jeopardise it’s credibility by accepting this commission but then seeing is believing!

Teddy Smith Clothing + Teddy Smith Jeans = Innovation

Teddy Smith Clothing + Teddy Smith Jeans = Innovation!The first French jeans manufacturer, Teddy Smith (sounds about as French as fish & chips) was created by Philippe Bouloux in 1989. From the outset Teddy Smith placed the expectations of its customers at the heart of its projects by focusing on the creation, manufacturing and the distribution of jeans and a complimentary collection of clothes and accessories.

Today, Teddy Smith’s  success is attributed to the teams ability and emphasis on technology to produce innovative denimwear. Teddy Smith has a vision to reinvent the concept of jeans by offering ever evolving denim collections Teddy Smith has a strong following in Great Britain and the rest of Europe, and will soon be available in the United States.

Robin’s Jean or Robins Jeans, it’s a French Thing!

Robin's Jean or Robin's Jeans, it's a French Thing!French-born Robin Chretien, former designer at Blue Cult and Hudson Jeans, launched his own line Robin’s Jeans in 2005. Robin’s Jean are sold in high-end boutiques around the globe. Robin tells us his philosophy is:  “To make a women feel sexy and good, is my goal with Robins’ Jean, it’s all in the fit, with French influences on sensuality and quality, but also with the original American heart and soul of denim.”

Robin’s Jean are Purely and proudly American jeans. They are inspired by Rock n Roll freedom. They’re edgy, trendy, and above all fit like a second skin… (A touch Nudiesque with the verbage)

Robin further says: “The wings symbolize freedom, taking flight, being free like an eagle to soar to fly to catch, it reflects how wearing a great pair of jeans should make you feel – alive, free, spontaneous, able to do anything at anytime.”

Taverniti So Jeans + Taverniti Clothing = Cosmopolitan Chic

Taverniti So Jeans + Taverniti Clothing = Cosmopolitan ChicFrench-born designer Jimmy Taverniti is turning new into old in his newest collaboration with jean guru Paul Guez, Taverniti So Jeans. The couture designer has found the perfect combination of sexy, sophisticated Italian fits and the worn-out, used look of American vintage. The result is a contemporary line that has already caught the eye of celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Katie Holmes, Terri Hatcher, and Cameron Diaz.

All fabrics Jimmy uses are carefully studied in order to be specially tested. Silk, denim and leather are his favorites. Indigo dyes, natural pigments, discoloration are some of the techniques favored in the TAVERNITI Collection. In 2004, Jimmy and his old friend Paul Guez (founder of Sasson jeans) joined forces to launch “TAVERNITI SO JEANS”. This denim collection fives Jimmy the opportunity to expand his Vintage touch into a pure Contemporary Jean line.

Jimmy and Paul’s team developed new wash treatments and fits, using premium denim as well as other fabrications from USSA, Japan, and Europe. The style is Vintage Chic, worn out but elegant. TAVERNITI SO JEAMS is a powerful combination of sexy Italian fits, sophisticated French Fashion combined with the heritage of all American Vintage.

Dior Jeans + Dior Raw Denim = Slim Pickings for Hedi Slimane?

Dior Jeans + Dior Raw Denim = Slim Pickings for hedi Slimane?Dior Homme and Designer Hedi Slimane are reputedly at an impasse in negotiations over his contract renewal. Slimane, who designs Dior’s menswear collection, is said to be demanding greater financial recognition which is causing negotiations to stall. His three-year contract ends next month. According to WWD, the situation can still be resolved, although the trade magazine’s sources are already comparing the situation to Tom Ford and Gucci. The Italian Gucci Group stopped its partnership with Ford in 2003, causing shock among the industry.

WWD’s sources said that Dior management was preparing for a possible split and the eventuality of searching for a replacement. Although no names have been revealed the sources said the choice was “wise” and would likely be well received by the industry press. Whether either party decides to continue with a women’s wear venture, together or independent of each other is unclear. WWD reported that the matter had been brought up during discussions. Both parties refused to comment on the situation.

Tommy Hilfiger Clothing + Axl Rose = Ruck at Dawn!

Tommy Hilfiger Clothing + Axl Rose = Ruck at Dawn!Controversial fashion designer and clothing court-jestor, Tommy Hilfiger, reputedly got stuck into Axl Rose, lead squealer of Guns & Roses in a New York nightclub. The frenzied old geezer apparently lost his rag over a trival incident and gave Axl a true “London Pasting!”

According to the New York Post, Tough Tommy went ballistic after Rose moved Hilfiger’s girlfriend Dee Ocieppo’s drink at a VIP table at The Plumm nightclub in the posh Manhattan neighborhood of Chelsea. Hilfiger allegedly attacked Rose without warning, pummeling him several times and landing a punch just below his eye.

“First [Axl and Tommy] were sitting. Then they were pulling on each other…it got so out of control,” one shocked eyewitness told the Post.

“A bunch of security ran over, but Tommy would not back down. He was just out to take him down,” the witness added. “Kid Rock got trampled by people running over. It was unbelievable.”

Hilfiger’s personal bodyguard was finally able to pull him off Rose, but not before the 55-year-old sportswear mogul tried to give the musician another makeover, reportedly scoring a blow to his cheek.

“I moved his girlfriend’s drink so it wouldn’t spill,” the “Sweet Child O’ Mine” singer told Los Angeles radio station KROQ on Friday. “It was the most surreal thing, I think, that’s ever happened to me in my life.”

Rose added that the Tommy Incident got started when Hilfiger struck him in the arm and ordered him to put the drink back.

“I said, ‘I don’t want it to spill.’ And he said, ‘It’s not going to spill.’ And I said, ‘Well, I don’t want to sit on it.’ And he said, ‘You’re not going to blanking sit on it,’ the Gunner said. “He just kept smacking me.”

Kasil Jeans + Kasil Premium Denim = Painting with Denim

Kasil Jeans + Kasil Premium Denim = Painting with DenimDesigner David Lim takes denim wear to a new level of style and custom fit. David refers to designing his premium denim collection as, Painting with Denim. To create Kasil’s signature quality jeans, Lim combines innovative designs with high quality denim from mills located in the U.S., Italy, Canada and Japan.

Kasil denim production and manufacturing is based exclusively in the U.S. and outsourced locally to quality contractors. When creating the custom wash, all pre-production samples are created 100 percent by hand. Hand abrasions and other unique techniques are extensively tested and approved before production. All Kasil products are carefully inspected and then shipped to select specialty boutiques and retail stores in America, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, England and Canada.

The denim apparel industry matures as jeans are worn for any and every occasion. Kasil addresses the needs of quality – seeking customers while also exploring a modern interpretation of the quintessential jean. Therefore, Kasil will always be EVOLVING DENIM IDENTITY.

Nylon Squid Clothing + Nylon Squid Jeans, Head for Japan

Nylon Squid Clothing + Nylon Squid Jeans, Head for JapanNylon Squid is set to launch into the Japanese market for 2007 after signing an exclusive deal with London based licensing group Mycroft International. Mycroft already represents brands as diverse as Paul Costelloe and Guinness in Japan. Nylon Squid will be targeting mid to high-end independents.

The inspiration for each collection comes from the streets of the major cities of the world. Nylon Squid look at what is happening at true street level. What influential and directional people are really wearing. That can be vintage and recycled, designer and cult brands, high street and chainstore. It’s the individual mixes and styles that truly represent current youth culture. Combining the design and R&D sides together is what generates great collections. The two processes have to work hand in hand. Designers in ivory towers may be able to come up with amazing concepts but true artisanal designers get their hands dirty. Nylon Squid create truly commercial street fashion from the real streets and back.

Replay Jeans + Replay Clothing = 25th Anniversary

Replay Jeans + Replay Clothing = 25th AnniversaryREPLAY 25TH ANNIVERSARY — Replay celebrates its 25th Anniversary with 3 special events in the San Gregorio Abbey, the Group’s prestigious location in Venice. Three unique concerts will be performed by worldwide famous artists on June 19th, July 18th and with a grand final in September 2006. The concerts will be produced in partnership with MTV and aired by the musical channel.

For the special Anniversary Replay will also produce an exclusive limited edition denim: a classic 5 pockets denim with particular details recalling the brand’s origins. Each denim will be packed in a canvas suitcase with leather details and its peculiarity will be a golden button.

Cat Boots + Cat iTechnology = Premium Footwear

Cat Boots + Cat iTechnology = Premium FootwearCat has gained an enviable x-demographic and x-cultural following over recent years. Cat’s stylish and utilitarian footwear appeals to a wide spectrum of people and once you have owned a pair it isn’t difficult to understand why!

Cat® footwear S/S 2007 Range – Built for the summer in the City. Essential for any urban adventure, the exciting and varied collection features fresh designs in lightweight materials and bright colors – perfect for a street festival in Toronto or a hike in the hills of Rio de Janeiro. The S/S 2007 line from Cat footwear features four key urban collections, as well as new iTechnology® offerings, that suit the needs of anyone from the young professional to student on holiday.

Legendary RAW Collection by Cat® footwear. This collection of premium quality shoes and boots exude an organic quality that is fashionable without shouting it – real, unpretentious, non-manufactured style. Promising the comfort of an athletic shoe and the durability of a welted workboot, iTechnology® by Cat® footwear was engineered for superior comfort and style; all day, everyday. Already established as a rugged line, the iTechnology range now includes classic dress styles.

Fendi Handbag + Fendi Clothing = Walmart Showdown!

Fendi Handbag + Fendi Clothing = Walmart Showdown!Fendi is suing Walmart, claiming the retail giant’s subsidiary, Sam’s Club, is selling counterfeit Fendi products at a discount. A claim, filed with a New York court, alleges that Sam’s Club is selling 12 counterfeit handbags and small leather goods as genuine Fendi products. Furthermore, it states that these products are being sold at discounts as great as 68 percent off regular Fendi prices. The Italian luxury brand is seeking an injunction and damages for trademark counterfeiting, false designation of origin and trademark dilution. It states that Walmart never purchased the articles from Fendi or one of its affiliates.

Walmart contests the claim. “The company is absolutely going to fight this,” a company spokeswoman told WWD. “We believe the complaint is without merit. We believe that we can demonstrate that the products we are selling were acquired properly and we’ll be able to demonstrate that when the suit is heard. They are actual Fendi products. We believe that we can prove that they are not counterfeits. It’s our policy not to sell counterfeit products.” Sam’s Club did not remove the items from stores, as they were believed to be “authentic”.

According to WWD, Fendi will probably try to obtain a preliminary injunction, should Walmart ignore the complaint. The company could not be reached for comment.

Analog Clothing + Analog Jeans = Premium Streetwear!

Analog Clothing +  Analog Jeans = Premium Streetwear!In 2001 Burton Snowboards felt compelled to create a new style of snowboard outerwear for a growing segment of the market: individuals with a strong, radical identity. Established without precedent, Analog Outerwear was set to inspire this new league of riders. The success of Analog Outerwear asked for expansion. In Fall 03 Analog moved into the Streetwear sector, constructing a surf, skate and snowboard-orientated line. Analog Streetwear released leading products composed of exclusive fabrics and shapes for those unwilling to wear traditional street apparel.

Summer 2007 sees Analog’s further development in the Streetwear line. Consisting of kits, wovens, hoodies and premium T-shirts, as well as a range of Denim in various cuts and washes, Analog makes sure to push the boundaries of contemporary Streetwear design. Having launched its first line of Boardshorts in Summer 2006, be sure to check out the line for SS07. With more styles, colours and technical innovation the line has further increased and is bound to make an impact in the retail market.

Guess Jeans + Guess Clothing = Top Denim Brand Online?

Guess Jeans + Guess Clothing = Top Denim Brand Online?Stylophane from San Fran produced the following Search Popularity List identifying the reputed Top 10 most searched for denim brands. How much validity should be assigned to the List is open to debate but here goes:

1. Guess Jeans
2. Diesel
3. Levi’s
4. Seven Jeans
5. Apple Bottoms
6. Von Dutch
7. Citizens Of Humanity
8. Miss Sixty
9. Lucky Jeans
10. True Religion Jeans

Who would have Guessed it! Guess Jeans – the top denim brand online? What’s your top 10?

Quick Bio: The Marciano brothers were raised in the south of France, a region that cultivated a passionate understanding of French design and the essence of style. Combining a love of the American West with a European sensibility they created GUESS?, Inc. Today, GUESS? is one of the most widely recognized brands in the world. Known for quality, trendsetting style, and marketing creativity, the Company designs and markets a leading lifestyle collection of casual apparel and accessories for women, men, children, and babies. As it progresses into the 21st century, GUESS? continues to challenge its already high standards to remain a driving artistic force in the world of fashion.

Addict clothing + Addict jacket = True British Streetwear

Addict clothing + Addict jacket = True British StreetwearAddict clothing was started by two guys back in 1996. One spotted the other wearing a Stussy tee in a pub and got chatting to the like minded. Over the following months they worked on 20 t-shirt designs all on white except for the ones they dyed in a washing machine at home. Addict clothing was born! In the time from then till now Addict has grown from a small idea to a fully fledge street fashion label with worldwide distribution.Still based in Southampton, UK, Addict represents some of best home grown designed products. They also sponsor all the right people from skaters, snowboarders to musicians. 

“Addict, one of the longest standing true British streetwear labels produces the goods again with the launch of its Spring Summer 2007 product line. The range is mature and varied with the emphasis firmly on minimal branding, maximum content and solid build quality without losing sight of the current market needs for strong price points.

Spearheading the line is the second instalment of all over prints from London based artist She One, She Camo II blends elements of his original AW04 pattern into a 4 colour camouflage pattern available in 3 strong colourways. Mens and womens lightweight technical taped seamed shells and more basic anorak styles all feature the pattern which looks set to impact heavily on next summers streets.”

Red Monkey Caps + RMC Cap = Mesh Back & Clouds

Red Monkey Caps + RMC Cap = Mesh Back & CloudsThis is an image of the very rare RMC Cap. The authentic Red Monkey Cap is adjustable and has a plain mesh back with a cloud design on the front. The common fake RMC Caps have the RMC jean pocket detail on the front and come in sizes. This is the authentic RMC Cap spec:

Genuine RMC Red Monkey trucker cap
Colored embroidered denim trucker cap
Black mesh back
Embroidered cloud design
RMC print lined inside brim
Adjustable back

CORPUS Jeans + Selvedge Denim = TAL-S Jeans

CORPUS Jeans + Selvedge Denim = TAL-S Jeans“CORPUS designers, Jerrod Cornish and Keith Richardson are proud to introduce the new Tal-S jean for men. The TAL-S jean features a slim tapered fit, and is crafted from the highest quality eleven ounce, 100% cotton, Selvedge denim. The “S” is for the premium selvedge which is made on some of the last remaining original American looms of their generation. Tal-S is currently offered in the raw indigo denim form only.

The TAL-S concept is a classic, working-class Americana tradition with an updated mod twist. The narrow, tailored fit is combined with details that are evocative of the traditional workman jean such as the coin pocket and one-piece custom tack button. All TAL-S jeans feature removable suspenders that attach to Italian leather buttons at the waist.

Corpus combines the tradition of fine craftsmanship with innovative, forward-thinking fashion design to create the most exciting luxury denim line on the market. The playfully sophisticated TAL-S jean is one of the latest additions to the Corpus denim collection for men.”

Polo Ralph Lauren Apparel Eliminates Fur!

Polo Ralph Lauren Apparel Eliminates Fur!Polo Ralph Lauren leads the way in ethical fashion.  The Polo Ralph Lauren Corp. said recently that it is eliminating fur from all of its apparel and home collections, starting with the holiday 2006 season. This represents are laudable step on the part of a major fashion corporation under pressure to go with the cash-flow. Long live “The Pony” and all creatures blessed or cursed with fur!

Lacoste Clothing + Croc Polos Bite Back!

Lacoste Clothing + Croc Polos Bite Back!The Croc bites back hard against rampant counterfeits in China! Lacoste is seeking 100,000 yuan ($12,476) in compensation from each of five retailers in the Silk Market, with the landlord also named as a defendant, said Paul Ranjard, partner at law firm Adamas in Beijing.”

Lacoste has filed a lawsuit against a few vendors of the Silk Market and the case has just been accepted and registered by the court,” Ranjard said. “The Silk Market is selling absolutely fake Lacoste shirts.”

News of the lawsuit, which was filed in February, came as the European Union last week urged China to crack down on piracy or risk seeing its soaring exports to the European Union subject to new punative measures.