Sugar Cane Jeans = Green-line Selvage Denim!“Sugar is made from sugar cane, that seems simple enough, but not everyone knows that sugar cane and its byproducts contain essential amino acids and enzymes necessary to fuel and rejuvenate our bodies. Likewise, byproducts from sugar cane are used to fuel automobiles in Brazil in order to have a less harmful impact on the environment than found in burned fuels of a purely fossil origin. Following these facts in a rather philosophical approach, the textile specialists at Sugar Cane were the first in the world to produce a selvage-denim fabric made from woven cotton yarns and sugar cane fibers. Cotton and sugar cane yarns are dyed completely by hand (no machines of any kind are ever used) following an ancient Japanese technique using only 100% all-natural indigo dyes (no artificial or blended dyes are ever used). In this specific selvage dungaree style, the indigo plants, cotton and sugar cane are all harvested from the Japanese island of Okinawa, hence the style name. The naturally dyed yarns are turned into the prized, coarse-weave Japanese selvage denim on slow-moving, vintage shuttle looms from the “good old days” of manufacturing in the USA. Capturing the essence of true vintage selvage dungarees can only be achieved using vintage machinery, so goes the philosophy behind Sugar Cane, so it logically flows that this sumptuous selvage-denim fabric is lovingly crafted into the finished product by the most meticulous technicians using sewing machines from the 1920’s. This philosophy of obsessive attention to detail, historical purity, unsurpassed quality and cutting-edge innovation gives birth to a Hand-Dyed, All-Natural Indigo Okinawa Selvage-Denim Dungaree weighing in at a super-coarse and beefy 14.25 ounces that dazzles the senses with deep, dark indigo coloring and an intoxicating, delicately sweet scent, thanks to a strong helping of sugar cane in the fabric. Over time from wear, laundering and use, this luscious denim yields fade marks, whiskering and striations that could never be achieved with machine-dyed selvage denim made from the typical diluted man-made dyes. Other features of this Premium Selvage Denim include: pockets lined with colorful fabrics made from sugar cane, in this instance it is a centuries-old Japanese print; leather patch on the waist is dyed with pure indigo and features the Kenji characters of Sugar Cane and the area of origin of the dye and fabric; detail stitching on rear pockets is sewn by hand using heavy cotton thread made from sugar cane, and this style has its own unique green-line selvage edge on the denim that distinguishes it from one any of the other Sugar Cane styles. Topping off this style is an Okinawa-theme bandana fabricated from sugar cane in a traditional Japanese print derived from ceremonial robes, plus a matching heavy sugar cane carry sack tote bag. This is the finest denim in the world, where the exotic meets luxury and durability. This is Sugar Cane. Or, as the Japanese call it – Satokibi!”