Siwy jeans by Siwy DenimSiwy jeans by Siwy Denim was created with one laudable goal in mind: to flatter the contours of the female physique. Too often premium denim brands neglect the essence of the female form and are guided, or misguided, by the notion of a contemporary invention of what represents the ideal female physique. This invention is invariably the consequence of allowing men to dictate the evolution of what’s considered feminine and sexy. Thankfully, those days are behind us with a growing number of female led denim brands.

“The superlative, modern tailoring that goes into each pair of jeans is uncompromisingly beautiful as it is technical. The development of the line utilizes cutting edge approaches in design while increasing comfort and style. Unexpected takes on classic shapes are mixed with the demand for a truly authentic look and feel. Siwy uses only the best, high quality American denim, then cut with a fashionable edge. The aesthetic is vintage and familiar, clean and classic. The long and lean shape is softened by strategically placed, quilted pockets that lift and shape, which carefully follow the curve of all seams. A shortened back hem curve avoids dragging on the floor when worn with sneakers or heels while maintaining a very long and lean illusion for women of all sizes. Every inch of the jean is shaped and contoured from the waistband to the hem and all details in between. Whether it is the stitch thread that shows strength or the high quality of the denim that shows staying power, somehow the look is comforting and familiar, tough yet feminine all at once.”