Red Monkey Denim Shorts, The Fake CollectionWe’re all aware of the ever increasing number of counterfeit products available online, or as our fake-friends prefer to call them “replicas”, a euphemism if ever there was one! Let’s face it, there will always be people, widely referred to as the “Counterfeit Class” who will buy cheap and poorly made fakes under the illusion that they’re saving money. Every brand with an Exclusive tag is a victim of this crime, from Burberry and Louis Vuitton to Armani and Bape — the list goes on-and-on!

Now there’s a new dimension to the counterfeit academy. No longer are counterfeiters content to simply copy a brand and saturate the market with cheap fakes. No, now the counterfeiters are actually inventing their own fake brand collections. They are creating products that the brands themselves don’t even offer. Example, Red Monkey Company have never produced or commissioned a pair of RMC Denim Shorts – It’s never been on their agenda. But if you go online you can find a list of site’s offering RMC Denim Shorts from the “Bondage” Collection.

In theory the counterfeiters are saying we don’t need to create “replicas” of the host brand’s collection anymore, we are supported by numerous consumers and immune to prosecution so we can create our own interpretation of the Brand’s Collection without fear of derision or consequences. In fact, counterfeiters are creating a whole new parasite-collection which the “Host” Brand has never created or commissioned.

The question now arises: will the “Counterfeit Class” buy these fake fake collections? Will the “Counterfeit Class” buy a pair of RMC Denim Shorts even though the RMC Brand has never created or commissioned Denim Shorts? Hypothetically, will the “Counterfeit Class” buy a fake Paul Smith Shirt which Paul Smith has never created or commissioned, or would this be a step too far even for the “Counterfeit Class”? Only time will tell how low the “Counterfeit Class” will go but if they do start buying fake fakes in meaningful quantities then it could be disastrous for the fashion industry as a whole because this development implies acceptance and attributes legitimacy to the whole counterfeit industry!