Puma Mihara Shoes x Puma Mihara Clothing = New Vision!Mihara challenges the boundaries of sports and fashion. Mihara’s footwear collection is sporty in its appearance and detailing, but there’s no intention of releasing the collection as shoes for sport.

PUMA has challenged the technical boundaries for decades developing sneakers for athletes to meet their demands from around the world. The search for new footwear ideas without the limit of a general concept is what Mihara uses as a foundation for his designs. In respect to PUMA’s technical knowledge and credit to their spirit, it is Mihara’s goal to create new sneakers. In fact it is his goal to create footwear that is neither a sneaker nor a leather shoe, footwear that looks beyond the concept of sport while staying real.

The PUMA Mihara apparel collection is a new and innovative approach to sportswear. The garments aim to look beyond sports to fashion as separate entities. Mihara challenges our perception of things and nudge us to look at his creations and to look again at his creations and to think about our preceptions of what we take for granted.