Nobody Jeans x Nobody Clothing = Australian VisionThe Nobody Jeans, Denim and Clothing brand from down-under is attracting increased attention in the Northern Hemisphere. This is no surprise to most fashion commentators as Australian Fashion in general and Nobody Jeans in particular have a unique and refreshing style:

“Nobody was established as a women’s denim label in 1999. Menswear was launched in 2002. All garments are designed and manufactured in Melbourne Australia. The team behind Nobody is a 3 person creative with backgrounds in fashion design, denim manufacture and washing and psychology. All share the common goal: ‘We want to design and produce the best denim and coordinates in the world’

Every day the team are in the denim laundry playing, experimenting, talking. They call every aspect into question. Fits, fabrics, effects, colours, finishes, techniques, tools – until we feel we have the best jeans we are capable of producing. Every garment is hand finished.

Their seasonal fashion collections are based on their design philosophies. Within this they have an aesthetic as well as an ethos that informs the collection. Every piece from a signature garment to a tee shirt has the ethos instilled in some way.”