Warhol Factory X Levi Jeans - Levi's x Andy WarholLast year Levi Jeans proudly announced their intention to release what on the face of it was an awe-inspiring collection of premium denim displaying images from the iconic Andy Warhol collection including his depictions of Marilyn Monroe. The Silver Luck collection, inspired by Andy Warhol’s studio in the 60’s, named the Silver Factory after Warhol covered it in tin foil, is complimented with details such as silver threads in the denim, and buttons that display crosses and knives from Warhol’s paintings.

Despite the initial excitement surrounding this incredible venture, the collection appears not to have lived up to it’s expectation. Perhaps the collection was thwarted by unrealistic expectations or perhaps the premium prices discouraged loyal Levista’s from partaking; the official price range for Jeans is from $190 to $300 and tops $80 to $300.

Currently Warhol Factory X Levi’s® 501 LUX Jeans are reduced from $265.00 to $229.98 and Warhol Factory X Levi’s® Strummer Tapered Lux Jeans are reduced from $260.00 to $229.98. These discount prices represent comparatively good buys particularly when we consider these jeans are true premium denim and Americana in its purest possible form.