Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers, A Japanese Sneakers Legend!HISTORY

In 1949, Kihachiro Onitsuka established Onitsuka Co. Ltd., the forerunner of ASICS, with the goal of promoting a sound and healthy Japanese youth through sports. At that time, Onitsuka was known as the first specialized maker of gym shoes in Japan. He regularly spoke directly to sportspeople and their coaches in order to develop the best products possible. The shoes have played a part in just about every marathon and Olympic Games since 1951 and have been worn by victorious athletes such as Lasse Virén and Toru Terasawa. The famous Tiger ‘stripes’ are synonymous with sporting triumph.

Today, Onitsuka Tiger is known as a legendary and innovative Japanese sports brand. Based on original sports shoes from many disciplines, the footwear collection brings together traditional methods with contemporary designs. Twenty-five years of experience in designing sportswear have also resulted in an apparel collection where elements of Japanese tradition have been fused to create apparel products that exude individuality. To add that finishing touch there is a collection of accessories complementing Onitsuka Tiger footwear and apparel with designs that reflect the innovative spirit of this legendary sports brand.

The Autumn-Winter 2006 Collection of Onitsuka Tiger sees the reintroduction of iconic shoes that spearheaded Japan’s own jogging revolution. The art and design of Faile also adds some striking iconography and a unique style to the shoes, whilst the Sekka-Monyou snow crystal theme gives the collection a touch of traditional Japanese beauty.