Kaws BAPE & Kaws BAPESTA, Urban High-CultureThe Kaws x Bape and Kaws x Bapesta collaborations have tapped into a neglected sub-culture with phenomenal success. Dedicated Bape aficionados and punters in general have been snapping up the Kaws x Bape Hoodies, Tees, Jackets, Sweats and Accessories, not to mention the Kaws Bapesta Sneakers, as fast as they can be produced!

Kaws, real name, Brian Donnelly a graffiti grand-master from Jersey City, is widely considered a modern-day Picasso. His style is complex in its simplistic and his dedication uncompromising. Kaws has provided BAPE with the kudos to transcend commercial fashion and legitimately enter the realm of urban high-culture. A very smart move by the Bape Man!