Elvis Jesus T-Shirt Elvis Jesus Clothes Sacrilegious MarketingElvis Jesus the glammed-up T-shirt line by Ringspun is causing something of a stir. You might mistakenly believe the stir is in the fashion-world for the bejeweled Tees studded with sparkles are certainly eye-catching. However, the real stir is in the religious-world; many Christians consider the irreverent designs no less than blaspheme and the depiction of Jesus Christ in Elvis garb and poses sacrilegious.

No doubt Elvis Jesus is simply jumping on the same bandwagon as Gsus, True Religion, Buddhist Punk and many more brands in the hope that courting controversy will glean both recognition and sales. This is clearly a risky venture which is probably more hopeful than calculated. Whatever the outcome Elvis Jesus won’t be the last brand to profane the name of God in the hope of scoring a buck.