Mustang Jeans & Clothing - The New Gold Rush!Fall/Winter 2006 – FACE THE NORTH

The new 2006 Mustang fall/winter collection will put you in the mood for adventure, stirring up the fresh-and-frosty feelings associated with Northern countries. Denim with a patina finish, dark washes, and raw-and-dusty open weaves evoke memories of gold-rush days from long ago. Broken twill adds to this sense of excitement, as do flat weaves with authentic washes that feature strongly in this season’s range. Scuffed effects, a weathered appearance and “lost” buttons that have been replaced are combined with hand-sewn leather patches on jeans and jackets. The result – garments that look like they’ve been forgotten in a mine for decades. ‘Amateur’ cross-stitch details have a made-by-grandma touch. And blast-from-the-past designs, such as lounge, military, and lumber jackets, frock coats, and cabans, are back and all the rage. Five-pocket pants, drainpipes for boys and girls, cargo styles, worker looks, and all kinds of suit trousers are also sure to impress. While tulle fabric, small-and-dainty collars, attractive buttons, bodice designs and eyelets simply ooze feminine appeal.