Ben Sherman Shirt Ben Sherman Clothes Bridge it!Ben Sherman is one of those truly rare brands that somehow manages to bridge the unbridgeable gap between youth-culture and middle age high-culture. Ben Sherman has the enviable quality of appealing to a full and varied spectrum of customers.

Ben Sherman goes right back to the 1950’s, but Ben Sherman really hit the fashion world in the 1960’s when the brand was albeit officially adopted by the MOD movement. The Ben Sherman brand continued to expand into the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s. Today Ben Sherman is worn and respected the world over, not just by the brand’s original MOD followers but by skaters, hip-hop aficionados, city slickers, cabbies, footballers and celebrities. It appears that Ben Sherman unites people of amazingly diverse backgrounds, mindsets and viewpoints, which in a World of so much disharmony and polarisation is truly incredible!

Is Ben Sherman the real United Nations?