Victoria Beckham Posh Spice JeansAs everyone even remotely interested in fashion knows Posh Spice AKA Mrs Golden Balls AKA Victoria Beckham, is the butt that launched the Rock & Republic Ship. Rumour has it Victoria Beckham is not only a part owner in the R&R brand but also makes a significant contribution to the design of the Rock & Republic jeans. The question no doubt on a great many peoples’ minds has to be is Victoria Beckham using her high profile, or perhaps more accurately her husband’s, to promote yet another premium denim brand in an already oversaturated market? — or conversely, is Victoria Beckham’s international profile being exploited by a mediocre denim brand to help get its stiletto in the premium denim door?

Rock & Republic Jeans R&R JeansPerhaps that’s all too cynical — maybe we should put aside talk of exploitation and just accept that Rock & Republic jeans are high quality premium denim which just happens to be partly owned and designed by one of the most high profile women in the world who also happens to have an enviable penchant for media manipulation?? On the other hand, perhaps that’s being too naive, particularly when the issue concerning infringement of Queen Elizabeth II’s Royal Crown Emblem is added to the equation. Apparently the Crown logo used on the Rock & Republic jeans has a striking similarity to the crown the Queen wore at her coronation and which now adorns the uniforms of the Beefeaters. Whatever side of the fence you sit, one thing’s undeniable: Rock & Republic Jeans are destined to be the “must-have” piece of premium denim in 2006.

Rock & Republic Jeans range in price from $125 to $275 and the most desirable attribute of the Rock & Republic jeans is their amazing fit in the derriere department; they apparently cradle the cheeks with exquisite delicacy – ummm!!! Anyway, the R&R Collection includes: Madrid crown jeans, Jagger radion jeans, Jagger nitrogen jeans, Winger quaalude jeans, Sapphire crystal jeans, Roth argon jeans, Roth halogen jeans, Roth xenon jeans, Ray alloy jeans, Scorpion xenon jeans,  Leonard strike jeans, Jagger electrolyte jeans, Scorpion cords, Scorpion strike jeans. Wear them and enjoy them — proclaims the new Queen of England!