Paper Denim & Cloth Premium DenimSaw an article interviewing the CEO of Paper Denim & Cloth, Chris Gilbert.For Fall 2006, they are transitioning from the premium denim market because they believe it’s oversaturated and no longer commercially viable.  They will be reducing denim & sportswear prices by 45 – 55 percent.  This will make the retail for men’s jeans around $100.

Paper Denim & Cloth say the design philosophy remains the same.  They will still also use Italian & Japanese fabrics.  The only difference is that they will use laundries outside of the U.S. in Mexico and the Dominican Republic instead of Kentucky and L.A.

Concerning distribution, it it ensures a wider customer base for Paper Denim & Cloth.  Safe to say, most of the high-end accounts will drop them. On the up-side they will find exposure in stores where they were once too expensive.

Paper Denim & Cloth are the first out of the blocks here but many other premium denim brands are bound to follow.  The premium market is saturated.  Additionally, the Paper Denim & Cloth brand has its historically premium denim reputation and high status so the new customer will see Paper Denim & Cloth jeans as a real bargain — Very smart Chris!