Martin Ksohoh of the exclusive ONE DOUBLE “O” ONE shops on the Kowloon Island of Hong Kong is the man behind the amazing Red Monkey Jeans brand. The brand concept was born of Japanses influence, constructed of specially modified colored cotton, woven into selveage denim, materialized into the form of the Red Monkey Company. A brand named after its creator Martin, who was dubbed Red Monkey by the Japanese native “YAMANE”, creator of the “AVISYA TAILOR” retail concept and more.

In 2002, Martin began working with engineered cotton harvested from a farm in china. The unique yellow fibre creates a very special hand feel and colour shade when woven and dyed with the indigo rope dying method. As demonstrated by the institute lepine in paris more than a decade ago, this cotton fibre allowed new processing methods to be done that were not harmful to the environment and also introduced a raw denim that retained the characteristics of rawness on the outside while the inner surface is plush, smooth and unlike any other raw jeans found in the market place.

RMC was introduced in hong kong to the lane crawford retail chain as an exclusive product, 3 years ago, and has enjoyed tremendous success along with brands such as seven, fake genius, evisu and blue blood. It has performed incredibly without a markdown or discount to date. It is a very specialized product that due to nature of manufacture has a very limited supply yet has created exponential demand. The design is pure vintage art, circa the 50’s and 60’s, and original japanese wood block prints embroidered on a traditional 5 pocket well shaped jean allowing room for a man to breathe yet not baggy. This is the industry standard, that tapers nicely at the bottom but not pegged.

As RMC prepares to establish itself in the american market it has expanded its fabric offering with traditional 32inch loomed selvage denim from japan, (double ringspun, indigo rope dyed, 13.75oz premium denim). The real deal! With white selvage end to end that identifies its unique heritage. The original engineered colored cotton fabric continues to be offered in a 5 pocket premium with wave embroidered back pockets that expresses the natural beauty and inspiration of crashing waves that constantly shape the island of the rising sun. Its not too distant neighbor, hong kong, has provided a foundation for the concept that blends quality, craftmanship and honor as principles, and offers a unique choice other than that found in europe or from the saturated enviroment of so called premium american brands.
In september of 2004 rmc opened its first flagship retail concept destination on the island of kowloon. This collaboration with erik kot has generated a cult following in as little as a financial quarter. The natural wood structure blended with black walls and ceiling creates a dark mystery that is well lit with custom designed lighting and red covered lamps that emit a nice glow over the centerpiece of the shop, a slice of a 500 year old tree from a chinese forrest. Nature is very much an influence as well as featuring creative products from other up and coming namesakes. Authentic japanese evisu is featured here, as well as, dupe clothing from the uk, tsubi jeans from australia and a new french tailored denim company. This hidden treasure on the back streets of tsim tsa tsui, (chim saw choy), bears gold medal product that beckons to be worn.


In the second quarter of 2005, 2 new models were introduced as well as an expanded fit range, a slim fit, and cinch back farmer will be offered. Denims are our specialty, so no there are no other items for america as yet. There are accessories, and there are novelty tops to be found in the shop in hong kong. You are welcome to make the journey as we have numerous times. You can then experience the tradition for yourself firsthand and avoid reading through our novel.

We invite you to share in our experience and dream. We welcome your passion and support. We share one slogan with you and hope you will spend some time with us. In life we find that if — ” you never try, you never know” belief is all it takes a little or a lot.
Peace and blessings
Martin Yat Ming aka Martin Ksohoh creator and founder of “RMC”
The Red Monkey Company.