Diesel JeansHow many styles of denim jeans can one brand have in circulation at one time? Diesel Jeans surely takes to the rostrum and collects the gold medal for this one! In my estimation Diesel jeans has 44 different styles on offer!

Let’s list them: Arker F.P. Jeans, Bebel Jeans, Bebel B.C., Bethow, Braddo, Cayre, Cheebon, Chela, Cheren, Cherone, Eyefly, Farco, Hipper, Hush D.S., Junnie, Kajo, Keate, Koffha, Kurrat, Kycut, Lemmen, Levin, Liv, Lowky, Lowky B.C., Lugger, Moonie, Moorix, Murran, Onijo, Paddom, Pike, Preeto, Reckfly, Reckfly Special, Riden, Ronhar, Shazor, Wonnha, Woodley, Woodley Classic, Yarik, Zathan Jeans and finally Zavor jeans. Phew!! What a list of styles! Impressive? Perhaps it could be construed as an impressive endeavour on the part of Diesel to offer their customers a wide and varied selection of differing denim styles. Hey, we’re all different with different body shapes and differing intrepretations of what’s stylish – so let’s be charitable and give Diesel a big pat on the back for offering us such an impressive selection of jeans!!

On the other hand let’s be less charitable and categorically cry this smacks of desperation on the part of Diesel. Why oh why would any brand have 44 different styles available at one time? How many variations can one brand offer in denim jeans? Come on Diesel give us a break and offer us a dozen well designed and well marketed denim jeans. Study your customer and work to accommodate their needs rather than throwing out a mega-net hoping to catch as many indecisive buyers as you can. The old adage: Quality is better than Quantity comes to mind.

Come on Diesel we know you can do it if you try. Study your customer, ask questions and identify their needs and then go back to the drawing-board and create us 12 decent pairs of Diesel Jeans. Oh yeah, and cut the price by about 25%!!!