Beyonce Bape Boots Evisu Jeans Beyonce Knowles, Destiny Child’s lead singer, actress, style queen and alround contemporary diva, has recently been seen sporting a number of japanese fashion brands. First she was seen sporting a pair of guys Evisu Jeans and most recently she was seen strutting her amazing stuff in a pair of Bape boots.

It is an undeniable reality that whatever Beyonce wears is “sexy” and consequently cool and fashionable. This leads us to the question: is wearing japanese clothing hip or hype? Whatever your thoughts it’s an undeniable fact that the equation: Beyonce x Evisu x Bape = Financial Success. Throw the name Pharrell Williams into the equation and then you’ve got a recipe for MEGA Financial Success. This is all exciting stuff but it’s too easy to lose sight of a brands substance when it’s cloaked in an aura of contemporary mega stardom!

Bape and Evisu, Hip or Hype? You decide!