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NOHARM x Stella McCartney vegan shoes

Stella McCartney x NOHARM vegan shoesStella McCartney follows the beat to the NOHARM drum with Italian made ethical vegan footwear.

At an appearance last week at her Barneys trunk show, British designer Stella McCartney dished to Insider about her latest collection and green ethics, as well as her ability to carry a tune (for the record: she claims she’s not bad). After a quick intro from Barneys Creative Director Simon Doonan (below, left, with the designer), McCartney talked about the difficulties her vegan-only standards create in accessories. “Our shoes are 70 percent more expensive to make because we don’t use conventional methods,” she said of her Italian-made line. “When you’re not working with leather, you really have to think outside the box.”

NOHARM Vegan Boots Competition

NOHARM Vegan Boots CompetitionWin a Pair of Size 9 NOHARM Lace-Up Ankle Boots at The Discerning Brute – The Ethically Handsome Man!

Are you a size 9? The Discerning Brute has teamed up with NOHARM to give away a pair of snazzy vegan ankle boots in US size 9! You can easily win these handsome leather-free shoes worth $300! Wowee!


i) You must be a US size 9 – otherwise these are worthless to you!
ii) Take a photo of you holding the shoes you typically wear to work or to get dressed-up, and send it to me at:
iii) The photo of the most beat-up, pathetic, gross, terrible pair of shoes will prove you deserve these!
iv) Include your name, what you do, and contact info so that if we decide you are the most in need of a new pair of vegan kicks, we can send them to you!

Mens Vegan Shoes & Boots
Deadline is April 30th. The winner will be announced on the blog May 1st.

These stylish and ethically responsible ankle-boots are hand-crafted in Italy. NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labor and worker exploitation. Wear these kicks to a dressy fundraiser or with jeans. Either way, these are some of the finest mens’ vegan footwear out there. Good luck!

Donya Coward exhibits in Paul Smith, Paris

Donya Coward exhibits in Paul Smith, Paris

From NOHARM to Paul Smith, Donya Coward leads the way with innovative ‘Veggie Taxidermy’.

Donya Coward exhibits in Paul Smith, Paris

Nottingham based designer Donya Coward is exhibiting a new collection of her ‘Veggie Taxidermy’ in the Paul Smith shop on Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore, Paris.

The featured portraits collection will present a series of five breeds – French bulldog, Greyhound, Scottish Highland Terrier, Pug and English bull Terrier.

Taxidermy is the art of mounting or preserving animals for display (such as hunting trophies) or for study. The work combines a number of traditional textile techniques, specifically knit and crochet, recycled and reclaimed materials and they are embellished with jewellery and oddments that Donya has given new life to, this creates a ‘Victorianesque’ style collection of three dimensional pet portraits.

The pieces will be priced from £1’200 (1,271.03 Euros) – £5’000 (5,295.94 Euros)

Donya Coward
“Veggie Taxidermy”
5th – 28th March 2009

Paul Smith
3 Rue Du Faubourg Saint Honore

Tel: +33 1 4268 2710

Vegan T-Shirts by NOHARM

Vegan T-Shirts by NOHARMNOHARM, is generally considered the original environmentally x vegan clothing and footwear brand. The NOHARM organic T-Shirt looks simple, stylish and sophisticated and would make a good match with a pair of eco-friendly Sugar Cane jeans.

To quote NOHARM “NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a powerful and wide demographic. “Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods. NOHARM is at the vanguard of this new era and is proud and honoured to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer.”

Moschino follow NOHARM lead…

‘Moschino follow NOHARM lead...Moschino follow NOHARM lead…

The one-of-a-kind eco-friendly dress Moschino created for Barney New York FutureFashion’s installation is only on show for another few days. The peace-inspired garment was especially created for the department store’s Hippie Holiday window display.

Earth Pledge is a leading non-profit organization that provides sustainable solutions for businesses worldwide and their FutureFashion initiative celebrates environmentally conscious fashion by working with industry leaders to promote renewable, reusable and non-polluting materials and methods. This season’s collection is collaboration with top fashion designers to create environmentally friendly pieces incorporating the peace sign, to celebrate its 50th anniversary, while utilizing sustainable materials and techniques that reduce the environmental impact of manufacturing and production.

Moschino Creative Director, Rossella Jardini, designed a tank dress and fringed boa, both made of 100% organic cotton. The dress is embellished with eco-compatible polyester discs, embossed with peace signs. The eco-friendly designs coincide with a 60’s themed shopping event as part of the retailer’s Hippie Holiday windows, a portion of the proceeds is in aid of FutureFashion.

Richard James Savile Row x Condor

‘Richard James Savile Row x Condor

Tour de Green? Savile Row tailor Richard James has teamed up with British bicycle makers Condor on a new deluxe, state of the art bicycle. City gents who prefer to take the green route to work, can now cycle in style. Richard James is one of the newest but also most coveted tailors on the Savile Row block, having set up only a decade and a half go. Yet his loyal celebrity following which includes Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Hugh Grant give credence to a label that has set the benchmark for both modern tailoring and contemporary mensewear.

Adding to his luxury merchandise at his Clifford Street boutique, the bike comes in James’ store colours of ebony and gold and features a super-lightweight woven carbon-fibre frame, Royce hugs and a laser-edged black Izumi track chainset.

Condor is known for its craftsmenship and innovation and the bespoke bike is the ultimate urban get-about if you can afford it at GBP 4,000.

The high fashion green man will just need a pair of NOHARM shoes to finish the stylish environmental look.
‘Richard James Savile Row x Condor


‘RE:FASHION after NOHARMThe RE:Fashion Awards will take place on the 13th November 2008, celebrating people and organisations who have taken great strides in tackling poverty, healing the environment and changing consumer attitudes towards ethical fashion.

Join Daisy Lowe, Portia Freeman, Vivienne Westwood, Zandra Rhodes, Katharine Hamnett, Pixie Geldof, Leah Weller and a stellar line up of stars at the RE:Fashion Awards which will take place in London on 13th November 2008. The glittering event will see major faces from the fashion world come together to recognise the most significant developments in social and environmental standards in the fashion industry within a decade.

Nike Considered Design follows NOHARM

‘Nike Considered Design follows NOHARMNike follow NOHARM’s lead and goes green. Green has been the theme of NOHARM for three years and Nike’s decision to follow in NOHARM’s footsteps is a positive move for the company and the environment.

Nike today debuted Nike Considered Design, products which combine sustainability principles with the newest innovations for sport. Nike Considered Design will be featured in all of Nike’s six key categories: basketball, running, football, women’s training, men’s training and sportswear, as well as in tennis and ACG (All Condition Gear). The goal of Nike Considered Design is to create performance innovation products that minimize environmental impact by reducing waste throughout the design and development process, use environmentally preferred materials, and eliminate toxics. Nike designers are now expected to make smart, sustainable design choices at the start of their creative process which has led to Nike’s most extensive Considered Design range of product to date.

For example, Nike’s best selling running shoe, the Pegasus, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is the first pinnacle running shoe to be Nike Considered Design.

“As we look at how we design and develop products and run our global business, it’s not enough to be solving the challenges of today,” said President and CEO Mark Parker. “We are designing for the sustainable economy of tomorrow, and for us that means using fewer resources, more sustainable materials and renewable energy to produce new products.”

Nike’s long-term vision for Considered is to design products that are fully closed loop: produced using the fewest possible materials, designed for easy disassembly while allowing them to be recycled into new product or safely returned to nature at the end of their life.

Eco and Green Fashion

‘Eco Fashion and ClothingIs Eco and Green Fashion a real phenomenon or a temporary media driven frenzy?

Eco-Friendly Designs Close Out LA Fashion Week

by Jenny Peters

“Los Angeles – It was a green ending to a packed week of fashion shows at Smashbox Studios in Culver City, as the Mercedes-Benz Los Angeles Fashion Week closed out on Thursday night with the Green Initiative “Humanitarian Fashion Show.” A consortium of eco-friendly designers put together by activist Mikey Koffman of The Gallery Los Angeles, the show consisted of five segments, with each designer showing a small collection.

Emily Factor started things off, sending models down the leaf-strewn runway wearing brightly colored dresses with mismatched patterning and chopped-up swingy skirts, with the prettiest done in turquoise and electric blue. Next up was M the Movement, designer Simplicio Michael Luis’ likable line of menswear constructed of soybean, bamboo, and charcoal materials. He showed well-cut jeans, jackets, and shirts, paired with silly chopped-short ties.

Sandy Skinner’s EcoSkin collection featured plain, solid-hued organic cotton jersey dresses, the oft-repeated look of the week. Her “Primrose” dress, a graphic patterned, boat-necked minidress was charming, but less so the live animals she subjected to the catwalk in the name of animal rights. The wolf, python, and monkey she sent out seemed scared of the bright lights, huge crowd, and loud music.

The final LA Fashion Week show concluded with two fun lines. Lilikoi, Barbara Boswell’s ethical and sustainable label, featured soft cotton dresses in pretty colors, with silk-screened designs creating a much more interesting look to the basic jersey. And the most fun of all came from Kathleen Plate, the creator of SmartGlass Recycled Jewelry. She fashions necklaces, earrings, belts, and bracelets from recycled glass bottles, creating circular motifs in varying sizes. Her jewelry graced all of the female models throughout the evening, then as a finale to the program she sent out three models wearing white bathing suits overlaid with swingy dresses made of her glass circles.”

NOHARM – Green Menswear

‘NOHARM - Green Menswear
NOHARM footwear, apparel and accessories is the answer to the fashion conscious man with an ethical leaning and an eye on an environmentally sustainable future.

In a groundbreaking 2006 report, the United Nations (U.N.) said that raising animals for food generates more greenhouse gases than all the cars and trucks in the world combined. Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization official Henning Steinfeld reported that the meat industry is “one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems.” Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide together cause the vast majority of global warming. Raising animals for food (AND LEATHER) is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide and the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide emissions. NOHARM is the proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark.

Check out the wide range of high fashion NOHARM footwear. Kitmeout has also been informed that a selection of wallets and shirts are to follow very shortly.

You Can Help Stop Global Warming! The most powerful step that we can take as individuals to avert global warming is to stop eating meat and wearing leather.
‘NOHARM Vegan Shoes

Oliver Sweeney Shoes follow NOHARM

Oliver Sweeney ShoesFollowing the lead of NOHARM footwear, Oliver Sweeney is going ethical and green. Luxury footwear and accessories label Oliver Sweeney, is gearing up to show its greener side by launching a shoe amnesty program. The initiative is set up in association with Green World Recycling in a bid to raise funds for the developing world. Oliver Sweeney is calling for customers to donate any brand of used shoes, which will then be re-sold to raise money for environmental and sustainable projects. Initially, the program will be held at the Oliver Sweeney standalone stores located in London and Leeds. With the shoe amnesty, the label aims to help reduce waste created by the current fashion throwaway culture and in return improve the livelihood of communities in Africa, South America and India.

Oliver Sweeney will act as a collection point for Green World Recycling that takes the donated shoes back to one of their 600 clothing banks. The shoes are then sold in the UK and Europe where money raised goes to under developed countries providing alternatives to current local environmental and social challenges. Projects include improving conditions in village schools, redeveloping irrigation systems and setting up agricultural training schemes.

Running alongside the shoe amnesty, Oliver Sweeney will be offering customers who donate any shoes a 10% discount off of the mainline collection.
Oliver Sweeney was born in Leicester in the heart of England, but left home while still in his mid-teens to seek a living in London.

The story of how he secured a job as a shop-boy in a grand old shoemakers in the heart of London’s West End has become part of the mythology of Oliver Sweeney.

But every bit of that story is absolutely true: Sweeney worked his way up from unpromising beginnings, learning every trick of the trade and the craft of creating quality shoes for men, as well as a good deal about the art of retailing.

This exceptional grounding has stood Oliver Sweeney in strong stead ever since – he has a technical understanding of the business of shoemaking unmatched by any other men’s shoe designer operating in the modern-day market. That’s also why his shoes have a superb fit – and why customers usually end up becoming customers for life.

When Oliver Sweeney finally launched his own label back in 1990, initially in a link-up with famous London department store: Harrods, he quickly established a reputation as a creator of ‘classic-with-a-twist’ shoes for the footwear cognoscenti.

Today he’s still that, but also a good deal more. While his collection still features plenty of those ‘classic-with-a-twist’ styles, it is no longer the core of his business. Sweeney has moved into the fashion arena in a major way – and is now one of the names setting the pace in modern footwear design.

In the year 2000 Oliver opened his own store in Middlesex Street in the City of London. A success in it’s own right leading to the birth of the new flagship store in the heart of London’s, fashionable, West End. The Kings Road store is a must-see for any fashion conscious visitor to London.

In the UK market, he is also one of the most successful British designers, with more than 120 stores stocking Oliver Sweeney shoes and accessories countrywide.

Sweeney has always been appreciated by the fashion press, right back to the early 90s when he was championed by Arena, then considered the most influential of Britain’s men’s style magazines. In those days, his best-selling shoe was the Storm Derby, an immaculately crafted, hard-wearing rubber-soled Derby which Arena staff took to wearing around town.

Oliver Sweeney’s impeccable pedigree has been recognised by many other companies over the years. In the 80s, he was head of design behind the historic McAfee name. Since the late 90s, he has worked with Marks & Spencer; Britain’s biggest clothing retailer and Clarks; the World’s No.1 shoe brand.

Oliver Sweeney shoes combine the creative energy of great British design with the consummate flair of Italian manufacturing prowess. The designer says he has found his spiritual home in Italy. “We use the best shoe factories in Italy”,” he says. “”That means the best factories in the world. The degree of expertise is unrivalled.”

Over the years, the designer has developed a growing celebrity following who love wearing his shoes. His celebrity customers span an incredibly mixed range, from Aussie Olympic gold medallist swimmer: Ian Thorpe to soccer star: David Beckham. The extensive list of customers also includes Brad Pitt, Michael Owen, Prince Naseem, Will Smith, Trevor Nelson, Noel Gallagher, Paul Weller, and many more.

The Company has also had great links with the sporting world:The England RugbyTeam, Scotland Rugby Team, BAR Honda F1 Racing. Oliver Sweeney is currently sponsoring The England Cricket Team.

Ethical Fashion

Ethical Fashion The International ethical fashion trade fair will take place October 9th – 12th 2008 in Paris at the Carrousel du Louvre.

Ethical Fashion Show® is organised by Universal Love a not-for-profit organisation founded in 1995.

Ethical Fashion Show’s objective is to bring together International buyers and fashion professionals together with cutting edge ethical fashion designers from around the world. This is a 4-day trade event, with one day open to the general public.

2008 NEWS:
This year it’s our 5th birthday! To mark this occasion, we have decided to publish a fashion magazine « ETHICAL FASHION » which will present ethical fashion from around the world with high end photo reports as well as articles about sustainable development and lifestyles.

Green Fashion + NOHARM Clothing

Green Fashion + NOHARM Clothing“Research and Markets” just published a report covering the latest of green textiles and apparel. According to Research and Markets “green fashion” is the way forward and the future for the industry is looking very rosie.

Going green is still a hot news item and environmental issues are being addressed. Research and Markets reports it’s a shame recycling activity remains at a low level for economic and quality reasons. Retailers do try by promoting recycling schemes, and voluntarily attaching “eco-labels” to garments to give environmental information. Research and Markets points out, these labels shows us varying levels of success in the marketplace, and they focus on different aspects. Varying from “best practice” in manufacturing to a single aspect of an item such as its environmental or social attributes.

Markets and Research mentions other initiatives, which aim to encourage safe and eco-friendly chemical production such as REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals). In the USA the Toxic Substances Control Act (TCSA) enables the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to track industrial chemicals produced in or imported into the country.

The production of organic cotton growing quickly, but unfortunately only covers small fraction of the global cotton output. There is hope says Markets and Research report, as organic cotton is being adopted by high profile companies such as C&A, Coop, Nike, Wal-Mart, and Woolworths. The report concludes its research by naming brands and manufacturing companies that are pursuing environmentally friendly strategies such as NOHARM, American Apparel, Gap, Interface, Patagonia, and Wal-Mart in the USA.

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a powerful and wide demographic. “Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods. NOHARM is at the vanguard of this new era and is proud and honoured to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer.
NOHARM is dedicated to offering stylish, high fashion, vegan footwear able to sit comfortably next to the most exclusive traditional brands in terms of style, character and quality. All NOHARM products are hand-crafted in Italy. NOHARM conducts business with an established Italian manufacturer. NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation. NOHARM is committed to ethically and socially responsible employment practices. All NOHARM footwear has a unique lining designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards: NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. All NOHARM footwear is  carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink.
The inaugural NOHARM exclusive vegan footwear collection consists of 14 styles, including: i) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up ankle boot easily compares with the most exclusive traditional designer brands. The style is clean and elegant and reflects a smart-casual and sophisticated lifestyle choice. The boot could easily be worn to “dress-up” a pair of jeans or conversely compliment a pair of trousers for a smart-casual event. ii) The NOHARM leather-free slip-on shoe has all the character, style and quality of the most exclusive traditional leather brands. The style is sharp and elegant and will compliment a designer suit or designer trousers within either a social or business environment. iii) The NOHARM leather-free hidden-lace shoe is for the discerning, style-conscious, man seeking an added touch of flair. The contemporary, avant-garde, styling easily compliments both smart-casual and smart-smart social events. iv) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up shoe radiates a clean and sophisticated traditional style. The shoe will compliment a high fashion designer business suit or designer trousers. All 14 styles are available at either or

NOHARM recognises a rapidly growing number of consumers are applying “ethical” behaviour when shopping. Following extensive research, NOHARM is prepared and able to bridge the gap between “high fashion” and “ethical consumerism”. NOHARM’s stylish vegan footwear is the start of a mission to synergise High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM has a unique and exclusive product able to satisfy the demands of this discerning, forward-thinking and rapidly expanding consumer base.

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM At Last!! Genuinely stylish and ethically responsible shoes and fashion. The NOHARM collection is the Gucci of the green, vegan and ethical world. This classy and ethical brand is handcrafted in Italy and conforms to a set of high ethical standards. The future of fashion starts here.

“NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a growing and powerful demographic.

“Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods.” NOHARM site.