New York Vegan Fashion Show featuring NOHARM

Albany Vegetarian Network Inc.’s Photos – 2010 Veg Expo & Fashion Show featuring NOHARM.

Since 2004, USA/UK-based NOHARM has combined high fashion and eye-catching aesthetics with a bold and inspiring set of ethics that guides its operations, materials sourcing, and production processes. The Company’s shoes are certified as fully vegan by the Vegan Society, completely cruelty-free, and hand-crafted in Italy by manufacturers that do not use child labor or worker exploitation.

The Albany Vegetarian Network Inc. is a not-for-profit organization comprised of dedicated volunteers. Our goal is to promote the global health benefits of green sustainable living, environmental awareness, compassion for animals and all beings and to highlight their relationship to a vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

NOHARM Ethical Clothing

1st Photo Credit
Alanna Facchin
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