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Levi Vintage, Edwin or Samurai Jeans

Here’s a question on the Kitmeout forum delving into the question of top notch denim. Worth a butchers:

“Loving the look of these jeans, not had hands on any yet, differences between these, how good are each brand and where best available, I’ve discovered now Levi Vintge are an online or Regent Street purchase, Edwin only seen online but been recommended Interstate and Samurai I got no idea where to find, how good are each what is cut like, being bulky legged I need straight cut without being slim but like a nice dark raw denim finish for a new outfit combination I’m thinking but preferably not needing me to lose another stone to fit them! Throw your opinions of these brands at me, pleasseeee.”

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Wahoojin Jeans + Kimono Jeans + Samurais

Wahoojin Jeans + Kimono JeansA new brand of denim, Wahoojin creates cutting edge chic from combining centuries old art and contemporary fashion. Vintage kimono fabrics are used to make one of a kind accessories such as belts, and the jeans feature hand painted unique kimono designs. Japanese kimonos are traditionally made with beautifully rich colors and exotic patterns, and this tradition is fused into the jeans by master kimono artists. 

Wahoojin denim products are made in Japan from the highest quality denim and each pair has its own serial number to identify the master artist who hand painted the designs. You may custom design these exotic jeans by choosing from over 1,000 different kimono patterns.  Retail stores can create designs unique to their store or have their clients choose their own designs.  Never before has this high of quality and unique style been available to the public.

Impressive details in the jeans include antique Japanese lacquer coated buttons and triple stitching in the seams. Since these jeans are being introduced to the US market for the first time, the wearer will be one of the few. A demonstration of the hand painting by master artists along with a fashion show is in the works. These unique and stylish jeans and accessories are sure to be heavily sought for by trendsetters.Wahoojin Jewelry + Samurai Jeans

Samurai Jeans + Japanese Denim = Denim History

Samurai Jeans + Japanese Denim = Denim HistorySamurai Jeans are a proud Japanese denim brand with a strong history. The brand uses the leather patch on each jean to tell story. Samurai jeans shares the following view concerning the leather patch: The leather jeans patch was originally attached in order to polish the knife of working woodsman and trappers throughout the West. Today it is a denim marketing tool and branding instrument which is a long way from the origins proposed by Samurai Jeans.

Samurai Jeans x Samurai S510XX = indestructible denim!

Samurai Jeans x Samurai S510XX = indestructible denim!Samurai Jeans are currently causing a stir away from their native Japan. The Samurai S510XX is true Japanese denim in every sense of the word and is worthy of the attention and adulation it is presently attracting. The Samurai Jeans has adopted something of a low-profile approach to its marketing which has certainly helped validate its strong fashion credentials based on substance as opposed to the all too come froth which currently contaminates so much of the denim industry, particularly in the West. The fanatical attention to construction has helped Samurai Jeans produce almost indestructible denim which some argue even compare to the ultimate Sugar Cane Jeans.