For the past six years the action sports and street wear industries have gradually been taken over by several top graphic artists in the game. They now have come together to form ROOK, a brand defined by its art. ROOK brand goal is to create the highest quality, eye catching and provocative art and design.

Common responses to first seeing ROOK designs are “I recognize this artist from somewhere”. The reason for that is, if you have worn a graphic t-shirt from any skate/surf/streetwear brand in the past 6 years, Jonathan Garcia (28) and Joe King (29), have probably worked on the art for it. These two designers are the core of ROOK, who grew up together and formed a bond through graphic design and illustration. After years of success with some of the most well known companies, the idea behind ROOK began to form inside them. This idea is that quality art can and should be strong enough to create a brand’s identity.

ROOK provides an opportunity to bring the artists out from behind the scenes. It is a celebration of talent, ambition, and quality design. It was created to not only recognize talented designers, but to also inspire other artists to continue to push the limits of design and their own conceptions of what is possible.