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RMC Jacket

RMC Martin Ksohoh Jacket

Here Martin Ksohoh models a jacket from his RMC Japan collection.

RMC Jacket in a Toy!


Take a butchers! RMC Toy comes with either a red or white jacket inside, limited quantity. Looks like something for the fashion connoisseur.


These RMC X LIKE BLACK 16″ Glow in the Dark FIGURINES will be available soon. The toys were designed so that the upper-part of the head screws off and limited edition Jackets is placed inside.


Martin Ksohoh:


RMC Jacket! Rare Red Monkey Jacket preview…

RMC Jacket! Rare Red Monkey Jacket preview...This is a preview of the ultra rare RMC Jacket. The Red Monkey Company produced such a limited number of these Denim Jackets that even a photo of the real thing is hard to find. This is a photo of an authentic Red Monkey Company “Bondage” Jacket which will shortly be available online in very limited numbers. Stay posted for availability details!