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Trousers London – Premium Denim

Trousers London - Premium DenimTrousers London is a London-based premium men’s jeanswear label. The brand was launched in early 2008 by a team of four creatives whose training and professional experience span the fields of design, architecture, advertising and business. This multi-disciplinary background helped fuse into being the brand these visionaries had so boldly imagined.

Trousers London is an experimental, ambitious, future-focused jeans label inspired by London. From unique designs and shapes, to small but important details, Trousers London stands alone among the clones of the daily jeans parade. Trousers London makes jeans for the genuine modern day gentlemen, for the man who loves the thrill of the new and is always at the forefront of the avant-garde. This season, however, brings the launch of new designs for the ladies, a slim leg and a bootleg flare with the distinctive tailoring and quirks of the men’s lines.

We at Trousers London believe in ecologically friendly materials and we care that our products are not born of exploitation. Our range is crafted with patience and skill in small batches, in our Italian factory using organic premium denim.

Each new jeans model is numbered in the order of its design. Our debut collection consisted of Trousers ‘One’, ‘Two’, ‘Three’ and ‘Four’. To ensure the exclusivity of our jeans, as well as carefully selecting materials and applying intricate details, every pair is given a unique ID number. The first batch, available from August 2008, is limited to 600 pairs.