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Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith Wallet – Art or Not?

Ever since Paul Smith released his “naked lady” collection there has been a cacophony of indignation condemning the globally recognized designer for degrading the fairer sex. So what’s the deal? Here’s the chatter on the Kitmeout forum, Take a butchers.

The story goes, Archie Dickens painted it (a 94 year old from Kent, England) & the model is known as Christine (that’s all he said). Suppose the answer is to produce a similar collection showing a geezer or two striped down to the bare bone…

Paul Smith | Tokyo Fashion Week Show

We’ve always been smithie fans here at Kitmeout. The geezer has an uncanny knack of crossing the divide whether generational or cultural. So keeping up to speed with the chap we’ve grabbed some latest news — worth a butchers for sure:

Smithie’s just come back from a 10 day trip to Japan where he’s been doing many things; showing his new collections, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of one of his shops, taking photographs for an Italian Magazine of a Japanese stylists apartment, and the grand finale was holding his first ever fashion show in Japan and his first ever show including men and women’s. The show was held on the invitation of the Tokyo Fashion Week and his was the opening show.

Hat’s off to Smithie!

Paul Smith Heathrow “The Dragon’s Backbone”


Paul Smith Globe is pleased to announce forthcoming exhibition ‘The Dragon’s Backbone’, a collection of work by photographer Benjamin Eagle.

The photographs document Benjamin?s travels over the past eight years on visits to North & South America, South East Asia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Borneo, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern & Western Europe.

Paul Smith Heathrow "The Dragon's Backbone"

Benjamin began documenting his life, travels and experiences, through photography creating a photographic diary from a young age. Setting out to document the cultures and lifestyles of people from around the world, Benjamin developed a unique and diverse ability of capturing the essence from any situation he encountered.

The resulting images are rich with shapely silhouettes that express the dynamic texture and depth of the subjects.

London-based Benjamin Eagle was born in Ascot in 1984 and raised in Oxford.

‘The Dragon’s Backbone’
by Benjamin Eagle

20th September – 18th October 2011

Paul Smith Globe
Departure Lounge, Terminal 5
Heathrow Airport
+44 (0)20 8283 7066

Paul Smith Wallet – Football Edition

Paul Smith Wallet - Football Edition

Here’s a perfect gift to celebrate the imminent new footie season. No matter what your team the Paul Smith naked lady football series is a diamond gift.

Paul Smith mens, naked lady football series, black leather bill fold & credit card wallet. Holds 8 credit cards. Width 11cm, Height 9cm. Embossed signature logo on front. White stitch trim. Reinforced corners in red thread. Made in Italy.

Paul Smith Wallet – BUY HERE

The Paul Smith naked lady series was inspired by Archie Dickens and has established itself as a genuine fashion classic.Paul Smith Wallet - Football Edition

Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith Wallet

Paul Smith has a deserved reputation for creating some of the most striking wallets on the market.

Paul Smith Wallet – Speedometer Printed Double Billfold Wallet

Paul Smith black leather double billfold wallet lined with various speedometer print. This print is inspired from the 1960’s and 1970’s classic cars.

* Made from smooth leather and topstitched in white with purple binding threads.

* Embossed Paul Smith signature logo on the front.

* Holds up to eight cards, and on either side there is a large slot pocket underneath.

* Large compartments for notes lined in classic purple.


Tattoo book Launch at Paul Smith Floral St

‘Tattoo book Launch at Paul Smith Floral StLast night saw the launch of design duo – FUEL’s, Russian Criminal Tattoo, Encyclopaedia Volume III book at Paul Smith Floral Street. Drinks and canapes were served, and signed books, exclusive tee shirts and prints were also available to purchase on the evening.

This is the final volume of previously unpublished drawings and photographs from the collections of Danzig Baldaev and Sergei Vasiliev. It completes the Russian Criminal Tattoo Encyclopaedia trilogy.

Paul Smith Clothes SS09

Paul Smith Clothes SS09Paul Smith shows his SS09 collection in Paris, Carrousel du Louvre – Salle Lenotre 99 Rue de Rivoli 75001 Paris. The feedback from buyers and press alike was great.

Sir Paul Smith

Sir Paul SmithSir Paul Smith, says:

One of the biggest mistakes men make is wearing T-shirts. I understand why you’d want to wear them, especially if you’re a single man. There’s no ironing. But most guys need to have a collar around their neck for height.
If you’re in doubt about how to wear your hair, get a non-haircut: a relatively short, nondescript one. If you try for stylish hair, you can make horrible mistakes.
Women should always be entertained. My wife hates it when men at a dinner party lean in front of her or behind her and have a conversation as if she doesn’t exist.
If you’re going to a formal event, you have to dress correctly. But if you get there and realize people aren’t wearing bow ties, you can put yours in your pocket.
On a young guy, two days of not shaving looks very cool. But as you get older, it looks like you’re trying too hard, especially when you’re going gray. A proper beard is fine.
In London, we’re not so passionate about how we look, as opposed to the Italians, who are very self-conscious. We’re not stylish dressers, but we’re good on ideas and on freethinking.
You can learn from people who dress in an interesting way, like Daniel Day-Lewis. You can see him on his motorbike in jeans, a checked shirt, and a leather jacket. And other times he’ll have on a custom-made Scottish-plaid suit.
Generally speaking, I wear a suit every day, because my suits are custom-made. They are comfortable. They move with me.
I don’t have a BlackBerry. I carry a notepad and a pencil—and I don’t use a mobile. I’ve reluctantly moved to a digital camera, but only because they make them so nice and small now that they don’t spoil the line of your suit.
I’m very happy if a man smells like himself. But if he does wear a scent, it shouldn’t be too attention seeking. The people on the other side of the office shouldn’t be able to smell you.