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Paul Smith | Tokyo Fashion Week Show

We’ve always been smithie fans here at Kitmeout. The geezer has an uncanny knack of crossing the divide whether generational or cultural. So keeping up to speed with the chap we’ve grabbed some latest news — worth a butchers for sure:

Smithie’s just come back from a 10 day trip to Japan where he’s been doing many things; showing his new collections, celebrating the 20th Anniversary of one of his shops, taking photographs for an Italian Magazine of a Japanese stylists apartment, and the grand finale was holding his first ever fashion show in Japan and his first ever show including men and women’s. The show was held on the invitation of the Tokyo Fashion Week and his was the opening show.

Hat’s off to Smithie!

Paul Smith Heathrow “The Dragon’s Backbone”


Paul Smith Globe is pleased to announce forthcoming exhibition ‘The Dragon’s Backbone’, a collection of work by photographer Benjamin Eagle.

The photographs document Benjamin?s travels over the past eight years on visits to North & South America, South East Asia, Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Borneo, China, Hong Kong, Japan, North and South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Eastern & Western Europe.

Paul Smith Heathrow "The Dragon's Backbone"

Benjamin began documenting his life, travels and experiences, through photography creating a photographic diary from a young age. Setting out to document the cultures and lifestyles of people from around the world, Benjamin developed a unique and diverse ability of capturing the essence from any situation he encountered.

The resulting images are rich with shapely silhouettes that express the dynamic texture and depth of the subjects.

London-based Benjamin Eagle was born in Ascot in 1984 and raised in Oxford.

‘The Dragon’s Backbone’
by Benjamin Eagle

20th September – 18th October 2011

Paul Smith Globe
Departure Lounge, Terminal 5
Heathrow Airport
+44 (0)20 8283 7066

Paul Smith Clothing Spring 2011

Paul Smith RTW Spring 2011

“I wanted timeless clothes, ones that you could add to your wardrobe, pieces you’ve maybe borrowed from your brother, boyfriend or husband,” said Smith after his show of sensible boy-meets-girl looks. Smith has built a lucrative business on tailoring with a twist, and he strutted his stuff for spring with a series of trouser suits in iridescent green or red lightweight wool — some with a flash of polka-dot fabric around the ankles.

Paul Smith Jacket

He jazzed up formfitting wool shifts with panels of rose-printed silk at the back, and sewed more of that same flowered fabric into the lining of gray suit jackets.

Paul Smith Tie

Paul Smith Clothing, 2009

Paul Smith Clothing, 2009

Paul Smith shows his Autumn / Winter 2009 Women’s Collection at Claridges

Last night Paul showed his Autumn / Winter 2009 collection at Claridges, London.

The Collection was classic Paul Smith, luxurious striped cashmere and Fair Isle knits were teamed up with feathered Fedora hats for a country look whilst tailoring had a military theme. Jackets braced the catwalk in khaki’s and beautiful bright pinks and yellows.

Paul’s shares his thoughts…..

“Another show has come and gone. Backstage, as usual, everything went smoothly and it was very calm. I have to say this is the one comment I get every year regarding my show from the models, dressers, photographers etc; everything is always very relaxed. Today we will wait to see what the press thought about it. Who knows? Oh, has just come through and it is really good…phew!!

The show was very British using lots of fabrics that we are familiar with; Harris tweed, pinstripe, flannel mixed with Scottish Fairisle patterns and my popular stripes plus rose print in faded pinks and khaki’s. I included a big section of khaki colours with hint of military. The make up for the girls was very matt with lips painted in a deep burgundy colour and the hair was a very soft chignon, clean and healthy and sometimes wispy around the face. Six months work and a 10 minute show but that’s what it’s all about – simple, to the point, no theatre!”

Smithy is such a fluffy geezer underneath.

Paul Smith Clothing 2009

‘Paul Smith Clothing 2009The English schoolboy, with his tweed-heavy wardrobe and penchant for irreverent mixing and matching, had the run of the catwalk at British designer Paul Smith’s show on Sunday.

The collection was whimsical and fun even if Smith, whose flair for giving classics a twist has won him a worldwide following, didn’t stray far from his label’s hallmark style.

Tweed professor blazers were paired with slim plaid trousers and smart wool jackets were worn over cycling jerseys in bright primary colors. Flashes of hot pink lining peaked out from a blazer in oatmeal-colored houndstooth.

Bow-ties largely replaced conventional neckties, somehow managing to look dapper and not too out of place on the teenage models.

The same cannot be said for the show’s clunky plastic eyeglasses. Those wearing the heavy, Clark Kent-style frames looked as if they were itching to rip off the nerd gear and re-emerge in tights and spandex.

Smith said the show’s emphasis on accessories — which also included colorful shoes and scarves — was a response to the financial crisis.

“During recessionary times, people maybe spend money on smaller things as a (cost-effective) way of adding to their wardrobe,” Smith told The Associated Press backstage. Still, he said the brand, which sells some 3 million pieces a year, has yet to be affected by the economic downturn.

Sir Paul Smith

Sir Paul SmithSir Paul Smith, says:

One of the biggest mistakes men make is wearing T-shirts. I understand why you’d want to wear them, especially if you’re a single man. There’s no ironing. But most guys need to have a collar around their neck for height.
If you’re in doubt about how to wear your hair, get a non-haircut: a relatively short, nondescript one. If you try for stylish hair, you can make horrible mistakes.
Women should always be entertained. My wife hates it when men at a dinner party lean in front of her or behind her and have a conversation as if she doesn’t exist.
If you’re going to a formal event, you have to dress correctly. But if you get there and realize people aren’t wearing bow ties, you can put yours in your pocket.
On a young guy, two days of not shaving looks very cool. But as you get older, it looks like you’re trying too hard, especially when you’re going gray. A proper beard is fine.
In London, we’re not so passionate about how we look, as opposed to the Italians, who are very self-conscious. We’re not stylish dressers, but we’re good on ideas and on freethinking.
You can learn from people who dress in an interesting way, like Daniel Day-Lewis. You can see him on his motorbike in jeans, a checked shirt, and a leather jacket. And other times he’ll have on a custom-made Scottish-plaid suit.
Generally speaking, I wear a suit every day, because my suits are custom-made. They are comfortable. They move with me.
I don’t have a BlackBerry. I carry a notepad and a pencil—and I don’t use a mobile. I’ve reluctantly moved to a digital camera, but only because they make them so nice and small now that they don’t spoil the line of your suit.
I’m very happy if a man smells like himself. But if he does wear a scent, it shouldn’t be too attention seeking. The people on the other side of the office shouldn’t be able to smell you.

Paul Smith Ladieswear 2008 Clothing

Paul Smith Ladieswear 2008 Clothing Paul Smith showed his Womens Collection for Autumn / Winter 2008 at The Ballroom, Claridges, London.

1950’s Couture was the major theme to the show with flattering silhouettes, fitted pencil coats, cinched-in waists and cropped jackets all evident.

Prints are inspired by bold Fifties imagery in vivid colours, a quirky people print and wide stripe are both strong and reminiscent of the era.

Fabrics are all about glamour, femininity and elegance. Silks come in taffetas, moire and organza in order to carry the structured dresses and enhance the hourglass silhouette. Whilst heavy couture coating, milano jersey and boucles add volume to full skirts and coats.

Paul Smith Clothing in Leeds

Paul Smith Clothing in LeedsPaul Smith is pleased to announce the opening of his first shop in Leeds, situated in the North of England. Located in the historic Victorian Quarter, the shop will stock all the main Men’s and Women’s collections throughout its three floors.

“Leeds is a special place to me because all my first tailoring was made there by a factory called Atkinson Rhodes, which sadly no longer exists. Leeds as a city was so much the heart of the textile and manufacturing industry, I am pleased to have a shop there especially in the historic Victorian Quarter. The shop will house an eclectic mix; clothes, objects, gifts and collectibles.” Paul Smith, 2007

Paul Smith Clothing in New York

Paul Smith Clothing in New YorkPaul Smith opens New York flagship, 142 Greene Street, October 2006.

“For the first time in New York we have together in one space all Paul Smith collections, which include the three for women, and the various collections for men, plus objects, some furniture, and a great book shop. The design of the shop is based on a selection of rooms respecting one of the former occupants’ fantastic history for showing art (Pace Gallery). The first thing you see is a piece by British artist Richard Woods and that’s all I am going to tell you at the moment, because you should visit the shop… it’s full of surprises.” Paul Smith.