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‘Paul & Shark Jacket“Absolutely water-proof and high technology performance are the two main characteristics of the Paul & Shark Interactive Jacket which is resistant to a 20m column of water (Typhoon 20000). It is multi-functional with an ipod and bluetooth connection. The removable hood is lined in coyote fur. This is ideal for yachting enthusiasts as well as for metropolitan adventurers.”

All the innovation and forwarding thinking expertise and vision we come to associate with Paul & Shark is perhaps called into question by the backward use and anti-ethical inclusion of the coyote fur hood. Shame!

Paul & Shark, The ultimate Polo Shirt for S/S 07?

Paul & Shark, The ultimate Polo Shirt for S/S 07?This Paul & Shark Striped Polo Shirt is from the very latest Paul & Shark Spring Summer 2007 Riviera Maya Collection. Paul & Shark is synonymous with the creation of high quality and high fashion shirts and polo shirts and this season is no different. The attention to detail and quality demonstrated in the above Paul & Shark Polo Shirt speaks volumes about the brand!

Paul & Shark Shirts versus Paul & Shark Reputation

Paul & Shark Shirts versus Paul & Shark ReputationWhen it comes to authentic casual shirts, Paul & Shark reputedly sets the standard for craftsmanship and quality. Paul & Shark has an almost legendary reputation for designing and producing unrivalled casual shirts. Whether their traditional cotton shirts or their exquisite polo shirts, Paul & Shark has become the choice of the connoisseur.

Paul & Shark was founded in 1921 in the medieval hamlet of Masnago, Varese in the country-side close to Milan. Since then Paul & Shark has grown into a major fashion brand recognised for its strong nautical design themes. Paul & Shark has a wide and loyal customer base. Many Paul & Shark aficionados will tell you once you’ve tried the brand it will stay with you forever.

Does Paul & Shark actually live up to its legendary reputation? If the brand could talk it would maintain a dignified silence as true class has innate modesty.