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Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans + Hottest Car!

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans + Hottest Car!Papoose is widely considered the brightest rising Hip-Hop Star on the scene today and is famous for injecting Red Monkey Company Jeans into his lyrics. The man is seen here with a trophy for the hottest car of the year!

Ultra rare Red Monkey Jeans are a true fashion phenomenon and have a reputation for being the ultimate denim status symbol. Papoose’s deep, insightful and strong lyrics echo the true RMC story from NY to London to HK.

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans = Hot Combination!

Papoose + Red Monkey Jeans = Hot Combination!These are some of the rarest Red Monkey Jeans on the planet. Not only are they original but they are signed by the fashion guru Tony “T-Bone” Magnetic himself. These Red Monkey jeans are destined for one of the world’s hottest new Hip Hop stars, Papoose! Thanks to Togged!

Bottom line, Papoose is the hottest upcoming artist in the world and his street buzz is immaculate. His Internet following is tremendous and he has the same amount of downloads as most platinum artist. Papoose’s music captures audiences with its intelligent wordplay, stunning metaphors and cunning street knowledge while still carrying a message. At this time, a bidding war has ignited and a record deal will be an option rather than a question. Papoose is the future.