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Nudie Jeans claims Amnesty!

Nudie Jeans claims Amnesty! For AW07, Nudie Jeans have teamed up with Amnesty International in Sweden to create a Human Rights T-shirt collection. Each shirt represents one of the 30 articles of the UN Declaration of Human Rights and was donated by the designers who took part in this project.

Nudie Jeans + Nudie T-Shirt = Amnesty International

Nudie Jeans + Nudie T-Shirt = Amnesty International Visionary fashion brand Nudie Jeans encourages the support of Amnesty International. For every sold ”Fight for human rights” t-shirt Amnesty receives 5.5 euros. This is their angle:

”Every year, throughout the world, many thousands of people of all ages have their human rights abused. Most of us don’t experience this personally, but it tis impossible not to know that it is going on. And it can leave you feeling overwhelmed and powerless?

”But you don’t have to feel like that. Over a million people throughout the world are doing something and you can join them. It doesn’t have to take much of your time or money – by supporting Amnesty International, you can make a real difference to this world.

”Amnesty International depends on the support of individuals to carry out its lifesaving work around the world. Without our million-plus members, Amnesty would not be able to carry out so much on behalf of the victims of human rights abuses. Every day, we receive more urgent cries for help. Please help make sure we never have to ignore one. Please join Amnesty International”.

Nudie Jeans + Organic Denim

Nudie Jeans + Organic Denim Nudie Jeans made with organic cotton — the reasons why:

“Denim is made of cotton, which causes great damage to our environment both in terms of water consumption (7000 to 29.000 litres of water for each kilogram of ready garment) and in terms of poisonous substances and insecticides. Cotton fields stand for 25% of all insecticides worldwide! Air, water and other natural resources are critical to any kind of future, and therefore essential to the future of business. In denim production we see a lot of potential to make a difference for the environment.

Nudie denim producers are ahead on developing organic denim, both out of 100% organic cotton and as blended yarn, where they blend in organic cotton into the normal production. Every step of the production follows detailed and accurate rules that makes it organic denim. The cotton comes from organic production, and the spinning, dyeing and finishing of the yarn is also carried out according to ecological procedures. Making use of ecological stuff, like potato starch and pre-reduced indigo, any kind of chemical stuff is excluded from the schedule of operation, in order to respect these principles to 100%.”

Nudie Jeans, Code of Conduct!

Nudie Jeans, Code of Conduct!With growing concern as to how fashion negatively impacts the environment, brands like Katherine Hamnett, Loomstate and Bono’s Edun are showing the way forward. Nudie jeans are following this new and important trend and even have a Code of Conduct which includes:

Nudie Jeans wants to contribute to long-term sustainable development and minimise the environmental impact of production. We demand that our suppliers and sub-suppliers follow applicable legislation and regulations regarding the environment.

Child labour
Nudie Jeans does not accept the economic exploitation of children. According to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, people are considered children until the day they turn 18. Nudie Jeans does not accept employees under age 15. If a supplier has employees aged 15–18, they must be treated with special consideration, with working hours and tasks adapted to their low age.

Hats off to Nudie Jeans!

Nudie Jeans + Nudie Even Steven Jeans

Nudie Jeans + Nudie Even Steven JeansNudie Jeans, the viking denim kings, present a new style for nudie addicts to drool over. Nudie Even Steven Jeans are a regular fit with a low yoke and pocket position and, of course, have a slim bottom width. The style is 100% Nudie and won’t disappoint connoisseurs.

Nudie Jeans Acne Jeans Nudie Slim Jim

Nudie Jeans ACNE Jeans Nudie Slim Jim JeansThere’s a cool change in the air – and I’m talking 2 below zero!!! For years denim was dominated by the Amricans and Italians, creating a long line of classic jeans from traditional Levi Jeans to exclusive Armani Jeans. Then came along the innovative Japanese brands with Evisu jeans at the forefront led by the visionary Hidehiko Yamane. However, during the course of the past few years a new player has stealthily entered the denim arena. These new players hale from the unlikely land of the vikings; Nudie Jeans and Acne jeans have strong and proud Swedish roots yet their denim has truly universal appeal!

What’s so special about these Scandinavian brands? Why are Nudie Jeans and Acne Jeans so special? Many fashionistas believe the secret of their success is their raw edge. Neither Nudie nor Acne are tainted by transparent marketing hype. Both brands are as cool, clean and fresh as the snow in Stockholm. The stench that wafts from the marketing boardrooms of the high profile traditional brands has not yet tainted these two Swedish gems and this breath of fresh air attracts the denim wearing youth of the 21st century who are too asute to fall for the relentless marketing hype of so many traditional brands.

The Nudie Jeans collection includes Slim Jim, Flare Glenn, Baggy Bjorn, Bootcut Ola, Straight Sven, Super Slim Kim, Thin Finn. The Acne Jeans collection includes Max Garage, Max Pool, Max Raw, Mic Punch, Mic Raven, Moc Market, Moc Pebble, Mod Miner, Mod Off Duty. Anyone looking for a change from the traditional American and Italian Jeans, or anyone seeking relief from the Japanese denim invasion, should serious consider a look at Nudie Jeans or Acne Jeans. It’s a true breath of fresh air!!