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New Balance Creates NewSky Sneaker From 95% Recycled Plastic Bottles

As part of a greater effort from New Balance to adopt more sustainable practices, newSKY represents an approach towards utilizing recycled materials to create footwear.

The upper of newSKY is made entirely from Eco-fi; a high-quality polyester manufactured from 95% PET plastic bottles. Bottles are chopped into flakes, heated, and molded into fiber, creating a strong, versatile fabric. It takes only about 12 bottles to produce one pound of fiber and only about 8 bottles to create an average pair of newSKY shoes. In addition to the environmental benefits of reusing plastic bottles, it’s Eco-fi’s technical qualities that make it an exceptional textile for footwear.

New Balance

New Balance Sneakers – Black Licorice 442 collection

New Balance Sneakers - Black Licorice 442 collection
The New Balance Black Licorice 442 Collection

New Balance’s Black Licorice 442 collection for fall 2009 is a sweet combination of clean black uppers with bold neon hits.

Available in black/fuschia, black/pink and black/lime versions featuring neon rubber outsoles and extra neon laces for personalization.

Each pair comes in a special, Black Licorice black/neon collector’s box. MSRP: $55.00. Available at Shoe Carnival, Shoe Show and Finishline.