Lonsdale Clothing + Lonsdale Sweatshirt = Count Yellow!In the sixties, the professional boxer Bernard Hart obtained permission from James Lowter, the 7th Count of Lonsdale, to use the name “Lonsdale” for the production of technical equipment and sportswear for boxing. James Lowter was grandson of the more famous Cecil Hugh Lowter, 5th Count of Lonsdale, who was the first President of England’s National Sporting Club. London’s Arsenal Football Club owes the yellow colour of the “Gunners” to him, who was also known as Count Yellow because of his love for the colour. He was also the first to introduce boxing gloves into the ring.

Bernard Hart founded Lonsdale Sports Equipment Ltd and opened the famous shop in Beak Street, London, in the heart of Soho, which at first just sold equipment and clothing for boxers but immediately afterwards started to sell casual clothing. This second product line soon came to be considered very trendy. The shop is still a cult-destination for fashion victims from all over the world.

Thanks to an ever evolving research into fashion, the casual style continues to set the trend in a public that is ever more transversal and wide-ranging, and not only amongst the young, and indeed it is always worn by the most famous names of the international jet set.

The Autumn/Winter 2006-2007 collection is inspired by the brands’ traditions, even though it introduces new materials and innovative production techniques. Designed with trendy colours, the collection recalls vintage sporty themes and uses unusual combinations of particular materials. The models are new as well, but the line is still faithful to the style that made Lonsdale’s success all over the world.