Loden Dager Video Fall 2010

Loden Dager Video Fall 2010 from Société Vellocet on Vimeo.

The American menswear line Loden Dager made its first retail appearance with the Fall 2006 collection. The brand’s heritage is rooted in the sartorial idea of the student worker as an inspiring new archetype born of massive social change. Key references have ranged from the futurist movement of the 1920s, the masculine rigidity of the 1940s, the mod Sixties, the utopian hippie dream of the 1970s and the techno fabrications of the new millennium. Loden Dager is dedicated to making inspired, relevant menswear for the contemporary artist, leader, student, and everyman.

The core of each collection is wardrobe of modern essentials such as the perfect 2 and 3 button tailored jackets, matching trousers that can be mixed and matched, button down dress shirts in the season’s perfect colors and weights, cashmere sweaters of the finest quality with a few special details to make it special, and the brand’s T-shirts and wovens which have developed a cult following and have been the subject of a cover story in New York Magazine. The bulk of the collection is produced in New York City’s famed Garment District from fine imported fabrics.

In 2008 Loden Dager was invited by UNIQLO to create a capsule collection sold worldwide and was awarded the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation prize for menswear. Loden Dager was a finalist for the Fashion Group International’s Rising Star Award in 2010. Loden Dager’s menswear has been featured as costume wardrobe in Twilight New Moon, Gossip Girl and Glee.