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Levi Jeans to RMC Jeans, old and boney!

Here we take a retrospective butchers at the boney jeans phenomenon followed by Levi Jeans and RMC. Full thread here >

“I don’t think they are that bad. When I read the title of the thread – I was getting scared! Nowhere near as bad as I imagined. Suppose it’s different from the usual skulls that have been around for ages.”

Fashion brands on Facebook, lose their credibility?

How to try to buy credibility using Facebook OR does having millions of Facebook fans actually degrade your credibility, originality, desirability and unique quality?

So here’s the latest story on the designer brands with most Facebook fans. Rounding out the top 10 in November were Burberry (9,808,722); Levi’s (9,371,541); Nike Football (9,112,968); Lacoste (6,742,187); DC Shoes (6,196,780); Puma (5,907,725); Gucci (5,644,529), and Dior (5,612,573). The only changes between October’s and November’s rankings was that Levi’s and Nike Football switched places.

Perhaps paradoxically Nike has made advance by losing some of the associated dowdiness and mindless “fan-culture” cultivated by the squares at Facebook. Maybe…?


Levi’s And Pendleton Woolen Mills Join Hands

Levi's And Pendleton Woolen Mills Join Hands

Pendleton Woolen Mills, the brand known for its Navajo and ethnic print fabric, is collaborating with Levi’s to release a line of Native American-inspired jacquard prints.

The collection will incorporate the red, blue and gold prints on wool linings or accents on a blanket, two men’s trucker jackets, a men’s work shirt, two women’s trucker jackets and a women’s cape.

“We’ve used blanket linings forever, which Pendleton is known for, so this collaboration is such a no-brainer I couldn’t believe it wasn’t done long ago,” said Carl Chiara, director of concepts and special projects for the Levi’s brand.

Prices range from $118 to $198 on the collection that will be available in stores next month.

Levi’s Workwear x Billy Reid

CH Exclusive: Levi’s Workwear x Billy Reid, Behind the Scenes

Visiting menswear designer Billy Reid at work, this video looks at the craft of deconstructing garments, as inspired by a visit to the legendary Levi’s archive.

Levi’s x Opening Ceremony, S/S2010

Levi's x Opening Ceremony, S/S2010

Opening Ceremony kicks off their Levi’s collaboration with the release of their spring 2010 campaign photographed by Ryan McGinley. Blending their personality-driven approach with Levi’s Americana heritage, the collaboration boasts a range of colorful cords that find themselves invested in everything from jackets to shorts. The range is currently available as part of Opening Ceremony’s webstore.

Levi's x Opening Ceremony, S/S2010

Gap & Levi Strauss identified in pollution scandal

“Gap & Levi's caught in pollution scandalA factory that makes jeans for Gap and Levi Strauss is illegally dumping chemical waste in a river and two unsecured tips where it poses a hazard to children. The scandal was uncovered by a Sunday Times investigation into pollution caused by a plant in Lesotho, southern Africa, which supplies denim to the two companies.

Dark blue effluent from the factory of Nien Hsing, a Taiwanese firm, was pouring into a river from which people draw water for cooking and bathing.The firm was also dumping needles, razors and harmful chemicals such as caustic soda at municipal dumps that have attracted child rag-pickers as young as five in search of cloth fragments to sell for fuel. Many of the children, who work for up to 10 hours a day, complain of breathing difficulties, weeping eyes and rashes.

Levi’s Footwear S/S 2010

Levi's Footwear S/S 2010For A/W09, Levi’s® Footwear and Accessories introduces a premium men’s capsule range designed by UK creative outfit 42 Associates, who will also collaborate on the brand’s S/S 10 collection.

The UK collection is composed of eighteen pieces that perfectly capture the Levi’s® classic American style and effortless cool. Highlights include a leather sole formal boot, a western biker boot, a work boot, and a casual shoe and boot.

You Nguyen, Levi’s® Creative Director says: “Levi’s® is determined to keep strengthening its position on the UK market and is sensitive to its unique challenges, hence we are delighted to collaborate with a UK design team on this project.“

Levis Strauss gives Hope

Levis Strauss gives HopeA history of hope

Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO.) has a long history of commitment to equality and social justice. LS&CO. has been a pioneer in issues of particular concern to the LGBTQ community. From progressive employment policies and practices to marketing campaigns and partnerships to funding HIV-prevention and social-justice organizations through the Levi Strauss Foundation, LS&CO. leads by example through actions rather than words.

History of hope timeline

Early 1980s First major corporate foundation to fund HIV/AIDS organizations (then GRID – Gay-related Immune Deficiency). Co-founder of Business Coalition on AIDS

1992 First Fortune 500 company to provide domestic partnership health benefits

2003 Nondiscrimination/non-harassment policies expanded to include gender identity

2007 LS&CO. is only company in California to file an amicus brief with the CA Supreme Court supporting same-sex marriage

2008 Proudly co-chairs the No on Prop. 8 Business Council

LS&CO. Continuously

Co-chairs the Human Rights Commission Business Coalition, lobbying for all-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act and the passage of Domestic Partnership Tax Equity Act

Creates gay-themed television advertising and marketing campaigns (nominated for 2008 GLAAD media award)

Scores consistently a perfect 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index (CEI)

Employs numerous openly gay men and women in senior leadership positions and across global organization

Supports Hetrick-Martin Institute: home of the Harvey Milk High School

Levi Strauss Foundation

The Levi Strauss Foundation funds organizations that address the stigma and discrimination associated with actual or perceived HIV status including homophobia.

Among other nonprofit organizations supporting the LGBTQ community, the foundation has provided multi-year support for organizations such as:

The Hetrick-Martin Institute
Lambda Legal
Centers for HIV Law/Policy
Human Rights Watch
International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission
Funders for Lesbian and Gay Issues

Levi 501 jeans reinvented?

Levi 501 jeans reinvented?
House of Holland is taking you back to the days of Beverly Hills 90210 and 90s American youth culture. Directional label, House of Holland redesigned Levi 501® and created a limited edition range of six unique designs. The 501® Jeans by House of Holland collection comprises three printed and three laser-cut styles that juxtapose texture, striking foral prints and bold polka dots.

On the collection designer Henry Holland commented: “Being involved in the relaunch of something as iconic as the Levi’s 501® is a real honour and has allowed me to work with denim properly for the ?rst time. I’m so happy with the outcome”.

The limited edition will début at London Fashion Week on 17th September 2008, and will be exclusively available the following day from Selfridges Superbrands floor.

Levi Jeans + Damien Hirst

Levi Jeans + Damien Hirst Damien Hirst, the world’s most successful living artist, is lending his talents to Levi Strauss on a new project. Hirst is collaborating with Levis on the spring 2008 collection of the company’s Warhol Factory X Levi’s label. The collection is only available at high-end retailers such as Barney’s New York and priced between $190-$250 for jeans and $80-$300 for tops.

The collection will be introduced in a runway show during New York Fashion Week in September, showing under the name Warhol Factory X Levi’s X Damien Hirst. This is bound to be controversial!

Levi Jeans + Levis Cell Phone

Levi Jeans + Levis Cell Phone Levi Strauss Europe and Modelabs Group to launch their own line of mobile phones . The denim company recently unveiled their Accessory Collection in Paris, which includes their first line of phone models.

“Technology is at the heart of today’s youth culture and mobile phones are the ultimate accessory. Adding a mobile phone to our collection is a natural progression for Levi’s, a brand that is driven to meet the desires of young people”, says You Nguyen, Senior Vice President of Levi’s Product.

How do mobile phones match this picture? “As pioneers of the connection between fashion and technology, we wanted to create an accessory that combines design aesthetics with consumer needs. We are confident that this phone lives up to the promise of the Levi’s brand”, further declares You Nguyen. It seems as Levi is saying that the times for luxurious handsets have passed and people now need to return to the basic functions, appreciating practical aspects about mobile phones before any other design features.

The Levi’s handset will come equipped with a 2 megapixel camera and a 1.8 inch display screen. Moreover, it will also have a music player included and Bluetooth connectivity. All these just to make it best suit the needs of any type of users it might have. Levi’s stands for one of the most popular company for jeanswear. Their models are created to best suit the working men since more than 70 years ago, when Levi’s became a wardrobe must-have.

The Levi’s phone will come in metallic silver, black and brown copper cases. There are also some more stylish versions for this handset, designed especially for more feminine tastes. The phone will be available for purchase in stores around Europe starting September 2007.

Levi’s Fenom Jeans = Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment

Levi's Fenom Jeans = Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment Fenom, the forward-thinking Levi’s + Hiroshi Fujiwara, Fragment, collaboration, continues to take Levi’s into new fashion territory. The latest collection lives up to the high expectations and is everything a true collaboration should be; innovative, visionary and plain off-the-radar.

Levi Jeans sue Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D’Artisan, Oni and Samurai!

Levi Jeans sue Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D'Artisan, Oni and Samurai!Levi’s Jeans are suing Iron Heart, Toyo, Studio D’Artisan, Oni and Samurai for Trademark infringement. Levi’s lawyers reputedly issued litigation to stores across the USA. Levi’s reputedly quote the following infringements of their TM:

1. Tabs attached between two pieces of fabric on the rear pockets are an infringement.
2. Back pocket cards by these brands are too similar to Levi’s back pocket cards.
3. Rear pockets are a copy of the famous Levi’s back pocket.
4. Rear leather patch which picture two moving objects (horses, motorcylcles, pigs, etc..) pulling a part a pair of jeans are a direct infringement.

Levi’s are reputedly suing the retailers, wholesalers and brands themselves. Looks like Levi’s are determined to make a very loud and clear point.

Levi’s Eco, Environmentally friendly Levi jeans

Levi's Eco, Environmentally friendly jeansLevi’s is set to launch a new line of environmentally friendly denim this November. “Levi’s Eco” will be made from 100% organic cotton and all external packaging will be made from organic fabric or recycled paper and printed with soy-based ink. The new line will be accesorized with a few subtle hints toward the ‘green’ image including an embroidered lower case “e” and naturally colored “Levi’s” tab.

A spokeswoman Levi’s Eco said: “When you wear them, you can honestly say that you are making a small contribution to a better world.” You Nguyen, Levi’s senior vice president added: “There is clearly a trend towards organic and environmentally responsible products. With Levi’s eco jeans, we are reaching out to fashion-conscious consumers interested in high-quality products that demand less from the environment.”

The dye does not use any chemicals but instead is made from a process involving natural indigo, potato starch, mimosa flower and Marseille soap. But it could also prove to be a profitable winner at a time when older jeans brands are seen as less trendy by today’s youngsters who associate them with their middle aged dads. Levi Strauss revenues around the world fell by one per cent in the second quarter of this year compared to the same period a year ago. Levi’s brand president Robert Hanson said: “As the inventor of jeans it is critical for us to continue to innovate with our products and within the category itself in order to drive positive change. Given our history as a leader in responsible manufacturing and business practices, this initiative is about quality and responsibility never going out of style. With Levi’s Eco, consumers who seek to minimize their personal impact on the environment can choose jeans that demand less from the environment without forfeiting the style or quality they’ve come to expect from the Levi’s brand.” Levi’s is hot on the heels of a growing demand of organic fashion, including Edun, Sugar Cane and Loomstate.

The jeans will be available in November 2006 exclusively at Levi’s U.S. stores with additional products to be introduced in spring 2007. The fall U.S. introduction is part of a global launch of products made with 100% organic cotton. In Europe, the Levi’s brand will offer certified organic denim versions of its most popular styles — the Levi’s(R) 506 Standard Fit Jean for guys and the Levi’s(R) 570 Straight Fit Jean for girls.

Levi’s FLU Stretch Jeans + Levis FLU Triple DRY Tee

Levi's FLU Stretch Jeans + Levis FLU Triple DRY TeeLevi’s new FLU sports inspired collection is causing something of a stir. Denim, a material not traditionally associated with sportswear has been engineered to withstand extreme movement and stretch a necessary characteristic for us street footballers who want to kick a ball in jeans. The Levi FLU High Performance Stretch Jeans are truly innovative and a credit to the company. The Levi FLU Tee consists of three layers: dry layer, water absorption layer and the diffused layer, “Triple DRY” for kicking and keeping dry.

The World Cup is clearly the catalyst for the Levi’s FLU collection and compliments the Paul Smith World Cup football, wallet and cufflinks.