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Levi’s Shop in Amsterdam goes eco-friendly

Amsterdam based design firm Como Park was commissioned by Levi’s to create a new store interior concept. Frame Magazine recently reported on the behind the scenes failures and successes which led the design team to consider reusing materials in the store.

‘While the first concept looked good on paper, we made some prototypes and it just didn’t feel right,’ says Kenneth Jaworski of agency Como Park, adding that the first concept was also over budget. ‘We got lucky when permit issues delayed the project, giving us an opportunity to re-evaluate the design. At that point, we rethought and redesigned the store completely.’


Como Park solved the budget issue by re-purposing much of the lighting and wood flooring from Levi’s Bread and Butter trade show booth. They also scoured Amsterdam for salvaged materials including old doors, bicycles and furniture. The resulting design favors these elements from the city over a lot of homogenized branding.

Damien Hirst X Levi’s Jeans

‘Damien Hirst X Levi's CollectionThe post inaugural collaboration between Levi Strauss and artist Damien Hirst is here. The Levi’s Brand announced the launch of Damien Hirst X Levi’s – a limited-edition collection designed with the celebrated British artist. The 12-piece Damien Hirst X Levi’s Collection revolves around three key themes of Damien Hirst’s body of work – the skull, spots and butterfly. Jeans retail for about GBP150, with T-shirts at GBP55.
Levi’s 501 jeans in black and over-dye blue are teamed with white, black and deep purple rock-inspired T-shirts emblazoned with iconic Hirst imagery – butterflies, dots and skulls. Equally striking, an image blending Hirst’s black and white portrait with a skull, also appears on a white T-shirt. A tough denim and leather jacket completes the look. Referencing his famous Spin paintings, a T-shirt, a hoodie, a jacket and slim jeans for girls take on a psychedelic kaleidoscope of primary colors. Throughout the collection, the Levi’s logo is set in a multi-colored dot reminiscent of stained glass – a reference to Hirst’s recent work.

“I love the idea of art you can wear,” said Damien Hirst with regards to his ongoing work with the Levi’s brand.

“Pablo Picasso is credited with being the first major artist to wear Levi’s 501 jeans as his creative uniform, but Jackson Pollock made dark, paint-splattered 501 jeans the effigy of uncompromising creativity,” said Agnes Tann, strategic brand planning director for the Levi’s brand, Asia Pacific Division based in Singapore.

“World renowned artists from Peter Blake and Max Ernst to Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol all adopted the Levi’s jeans as their favorite jeans. So, we are naturally thrilled and honored to have a creative genius like Damien Hirst bring his unique perspective to our iconic 501 jeans and the range of unique looks created for this collection.”

The collection will be selectively distributed in stores worldwide, such as Milan’s 10 Corso Como fashion boutique and a few Levi’s flagships, including the recently renovated Berlin store.