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Lacoste featuring Adrien Brody

WTF! Are Lacoste trying to destroy their newly resurrected image this spring/summer? Go behind the scenes of the Lacoste Spring/Summer 2012 shoot by Craig McDean, featuring Adrien Brody. Better still just turn a blind eye and pretend it didn’t happen.

Fashion brands on Facebook, lose their credibility?

How to try to buy credibility using Facebook OR does having millions of Facebook fans actually degrade your credibility, originality, desirability and unique quality?

So here’s the latest story on the designer brands with most Facebook fans. Rounding out the top 10 in November were Burberry (9,808,722); Levi’s (9,371,541); Nike Football (9,112,968); Lacoste (6,742,187); DC Shoes (6,196,780); Puma (5,907,725); Gucci (5,644,529), and Dior (5,612,573). The only changes between October’s and November’s rankings was that Levi’s and Nike Football switched places.

Perhaps paradoxically Nike has made advance by losing some of the associated dowdiness and mindless “fan-culture” cultivated by the squares at Facebook. Maybe…?


Lacoste asks Norway police to ban gunman


Lacoste aren’t happy about mass murderer, Anders Behring Breivik, wearing their garb. Much like the drug dealers and murders in South America who are famous for wearing Polo Ralph Lauren, Lacoste fear the connection will have a negative impact on their brand.

Anders Behring Breivik, the 32-year-old gunman who killed 77 people on July 22 even wrote in his online manifesto that “refined people like him should wear brands like Lacoste”.

French daily Liberation added: “This situation is clearly a nightmare for one of France’s most distinguished clothing companies.”

Lacoste asks Norway police to ban gunman

Lacoste Legends Collection Launches in New York

A record company, two musicians, three magazines, three retail stores and three designers are the creators of the new Lacoste’s footwear series – Legends.

Stones Throw Records, Sneaker Freaker, Shoes Master, Se?bastien Tellier, i-D magazine, Jazzie B, Colette, D-mop, Christophe Lemaire, Bodega, Ato Matsumoto and Tim Hamilton are urban legends themselves and they created sneakers that pay homage to the original Lacoste legend, René.

The LACOSTE Legends project is a mash-up of art, fashion, culture and design, all channeled into 12 limited edition LACOSTE sneakers.

Lacoste Clothing Spring 2011 Collection

Lacoste | Spring 2011 Collection

Lacoste Clothing Spring 2011 Collection

Lacoste Skirt

French tennis champion René Lacoste’s nickname, “the Crocodile,” inspired the logo choice when it came to branding his newly designed pique polo shirts in 1933. After merging with IZOD in the seventies, the little croc hit its popularity peak in the eighties when it became de rigueur for the rich-kid look. Today the label is still a preppy-chic sportswear staple, with plenty of tennis whites and collared casualwear for the country-club crowd. Over the past few seasons, the line has secured a more streetwise vibe, incorporating bolder colors and new silhouettes under the direction of Christophe Lemaire.

Lacoste Shirt

Lacoste Save the Croc, Save Your Logo

Lacoste Save the Croc, Save Your Logo
Lacoste will spend $500,000 over the next three years to help preserve endangered crocodiles.

Lacoste was talked into the scheme by the people at the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature who run the “Save Your Logo Initiative.” Lacoste is the first fashion company to sign on:

“We hope to be able to give back to our iconic crocodile — to whom we owe so much — a small part of what he has brought us,” [Lacoste president Michael] Lacoste said. “Seventy-five years ago, we were the first company to embroider a logo on apparel, and now we are the first company to support ‘Save Your Logo.’”

Much of Lacoste’s efforts will concentrate on the Gange gharial crocodile, of which only 1,400 are estimated to remain in the wild.

Save Your Logo says more than 300 large global brands use animals or plants threatened by dwindling biodiversity in their logos. And so it falls on Vineyard Vines to save the whales. You know anyone wealthy and foolish enough to buy these can afford it.

Lacoste T-Shirt by Andrea Crews

Lacoste T-Shirt by Andrea CrewsLacoste creative director Christophe Lemaire wanted a fun feeling for LACOSTE RED! Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collection. Lemaire chose Paris-based art collective Andrea Crews to create an exclusive capsule collection of T-shirts to complement his Lacoste Red! Collection.

With Lacoste Red! aimed at a younger and more urban-oriented customers, collaborating with Andrea Crews is a logical choice for Lemaire. Both a brand and a multidisciplinary collective of international artists, Andrea Crews is experimental and playful and thus making it a perfect fit for Lacoste Red!

Taking the iconic Lacoste crocodile as the main inspiration, Andrea Crews gave it “with a more funky style and attitude; more party croco than classy croco.”

“We offered the crocodile a new youth. He’s playful and colorful and shows energetic behavior from 7 to 77,” said Crews.