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Ksubi ‘BIG IN JAPAN’ exhibition


Entering its third year, the Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ exhibition, created by ksubi announce the event will now be open to a public audience with the contemporary arts and cultural event returning to both Sydney and Melbourne in November 2011.

Ksubi ‘BIG IN JAPAN’ exhibition

2011 Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ Sydney and Melbourne artist line up:

Fuyuki Yamakawa is an ‘avant garde khoomei singer’ and performance/installation artist who works with bare light bulbs, yogic breath, medical equipment, modified musical instruments and the beat of his heart. During his performances he controls his breath and the velocity of his heartbeat and for his climax he momentarily stops his heart all together creating a terrifying sense of suspended time.

Yuko Kaseki is a freelance dancer and choreographer. Her works are based on merging Butoh and western contemporary dance technique to create concise and precise moving theatre. Her performances follow the way of a desperate existence, exposing tragic comedy and revealing a kaleidoscope of stories.

Indie girl band heroes, Kiiiii list Michael Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, Kraft Werk and The Ramones amongst their key influences. Loud, funny and colourful, the self proclaimed “masters of girl magic” are indie rock superstars delivering high energy live shows that excite and amuse.


Onnacodomo’s make believe world appears out of everyday commodities. Taking their inspiration from moments and objects from everyday life, visual unit Onnacodomo use shimmering projections created using water, mirrors and an array of lights, while a world of fantastic images is constructed with found photos, kitchen utensils, toys, stationary and improvised artwork all mixed to music!

OVe-NaXx is an electronic / mash up sound producer based in Osaka Japan. His evolving sound has grown from breakcore, to a mix of electronic sounds, ragga, hip hop beats and synth melodies. OVe-NaXx describes his sound as ‘Japanoise’ mixed with a basic ragga riddim. He’s a bit Dub style, featuring on/off track layers and MCing during his live sets.


Ksubi Clothing and Accessories Discounts – VIP Shopping Day

Ksubi Clothing and Accessories Discounts - VIP Shopping Day

ksubi Pitt street- “welcome to earth”
Shop 4033 level 4 Westfield Pitt Street

Friends of ksubi VIP Shopping Day

Visit one of our ksubi boutiques on Thursday 30th June and receive 40% off storewide (excludes new season eyewear)

Ksubi Shopping

ksubi Paddington- “the ghost shoppe’
140 Oxford Street, Paddington

Ksubi Eyewear Discount

ksubi Bondi Beach- ‘City of the Dead’
82 Gould Street, Bondi Beach

Ksubi Relaunch

Ksubi Relaunch‘MINI BUGER’ & ‘PICKLE’, 2008

In the ‘The Bombed Mache’, a backyard mortuary of disposable needs stands ‘Mini Burger’ & ‘Pickle’. The four-metre high sculpture comprises of two 1972 used Austin Mini cars, two Austin Mini car bonnets, five car tyres and truck tyre.

Created by the ksubi collective, the sculpture was built as a reaction to the disposability of used cars and car parts, and how they can be made into useful things like hamburgers. ‘Mini Burger’ & ‘Pickle’ stands in courtyard of ksubi’s Melbourne store, the same site where infamous ‘Sign of the Times’ sculpture once stood, before stolen and destroyed late last year.

The sculpture was created for the ‘High Art’ event, a multi-venue exhibition on High Street, Armadale during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival (3rd – 9th March, 2008).

ksubi’s signature tongue-in-cheek style, imbued with irony, has elevated the brand to “cult” status, and assisted in gaining global recognition for its clothing and aesthetic.

March 2008, for the first time in its eight-year history, ksubi will relaunch its online store.

A juxtaposition of complexity and simplicity, the site manifests a non-directional and straightforward search engine design format, complete with keyword searches and pop-up windows.

The decision to promote and make available ksubi product online was encouraged by demand, and gives an incisive visual narrative into the brand’s history, projects, collections, as well as stockists and distributors. Most significantly, classic ksubi—from denim, fashion, eyewear, books and limited editions objects, can now be purchased online.

Tsubi – Hot Air or Substance?

Tsubi BookA number of learned fashionistas amongst us have highlighted the not too unreasonable similarities between Tsubi and Bape. Many are questioning whether there’s a new “fashion” phenomenon at play. The premise maintains that traditional fashion created around tailoring and design has been replaced by psuedo-fashion built upon a foundation of hype-and-tease. The days of go honest design and tailoring demonstrated by the likes of Giorgio Armani, Chanel, YSL, Dior and McQueen amongst others, have been replaced with a new type of pseudo-fashion which has very little to do with innovative design and tailoring and more to do with generating a “fashion myth” which is perpetuated by limited availability and a nonchalant approach to grass-roots customer service focusing more on celebrities to help perpetuate the seemingly unattainable myth.

Tsubi have recently taken the hype-and-tease phenomenon to a new level with the introduction of their new “Tsubi Book” which is apparently a pictorial memoir of their five year history. Why anyone would want to purchase a pictorial menoir of a clothing brand with less than five years’ history is perhaps beyond most observers who haven’t been swept away in the hype-and-tease. Nevertheless, the fact remains, the Tsubi Book is set to become another collector’s item, providing they manage to limit supply and pump up the hype-and-tease. The book will be sold in Sydney Tsubi boutiques in Paddington and Bondi and after Sydney it will launched in London, New York, Paris and Los Angelas.

The tsubi book is exclusive to tsubi and FAT stores for RRP $90.

Have you also noticed that brands like Tsubi and Bape fail to provide a useable website for their customers. All part of the hype-and-tease phenomenon methinks!!