John Smedley Knitwear - A National Treasure?A few reasons to admire and adore the John Smedley:

Working with the Environment

They have been ecologically friendly for over 200 years. John Smedley is situated in an area of outstanding natural beauty. This means they have always had a responsibility to the local environment. As washing is a crucial aspect of what they do, they draw unique water, not from dwindling resources, but from their own three underground springs, rising from the millstone grit of the Derbyshire Peak District National Park. The softness and purity of their water translates into the luxurious touch of their garments, as well as their shrink-resistance.

But, for future generations, they also want to keep that water pure. The water we put back undergoes stringent cleaning processes. They do use synthetic dyes – but only because the chemicals required to make natural dyes washable can be more damaging still. Rest assured that they won’t cut corners if it means cutting back on good ecological practice.

Made In England

It could be easy for John Smedley to manufacture abroad. In a globalised economy, it may even make sound financial sense. But they think that something special would be lost – that indefinable character that makes something exceptional.

John Smedley has been making fine knitwear in Derbyshire for over 200 years. Their family business was there at the birth of the industrial revolution, back when the first factories and looms were being built. That is a heritage to be proud of. And not one to be dismissed lightly.

Of course, looking back should not stop them moving forward. But they stay dynamic by staying put – because it is in England’s traditional knitting heartlands that are found generations of experience and skills in knitting and hand-finishing world-class knitwear. Those unique skills may come at a price. But, carefully nurtured, they ensure the highest quallity and innovation. It is they that allow John Smedley to be acknowledged as the best in its class.