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Jimmy Choo the man, not the brand!

There’s been a lot of talk about Jimmy Choo on the Kitmeout forum going back to his days prior to his success when Jimmy Choo ran a back street factory in Hackney, before Hackney was fashionable. Take a butchers:

“this is not exactly true because jimmy choo the actual man did produce men’s footwear. i remember as a really young kid going into his factory off of mare street opposite the old cordwainers college and seeing men’s shoes and i think my uncle bought some for the markets. i’ll ask him when i see him next. ”

Read the full thread about Jimmy Choo the man before Tamara took the brand. Read thread.

Jimmy Choo, the next step!

Jimmy Choo, the next step! Following the recent brand takeover, Jimmy Choo is out to move beyond footwear and leather goods.

“We’re going to continue developing this company independently. There is still potential for growth.”said Robert Bensoussan, Jimmy Choo

The company, acquired earlier this week by the private equity firm TowerBrook Capital Partners LP, will unveil a full eyewear line by the end of the year and plans to launch its first fragrance in 2008. The next question is can we expected a Jimmy Choo menswear line and perhaps even a denim collection?

Jimmy Choo Shoes to Jimmy Choo Jeans?

Jimmy Choo Shoes 2 Jimmy Choo Jeans? Jimmy Choo Shoes, the brand started by the man of the same name in the backstreets of the East End of London, is continuing to evolve. To keep pace with the growing global demand for luxury goods, Jimmy Choo is increasing it’s global presense and widening its collection.

“We’re really on that trajectory from being a shoe brand to being a global luxury brand, and everything we’re doing reinforces that,” said Joshua Schulman previously of the Gucci Group. “There is a tremendous amount of opportunity.”

With Jimmy Choo bags, eyewear, belts and all types of accessories, the next question is when are we going to see Jimmy Choo Jeans?