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Heidi Klum for New Balance

Heidi Klum for New Balance

Heidi Klum, who launched Heidi Klum for New Balance active apparel last fall, is now adding sneakers to the lineup. She reworked the brand’s classic 410 and 320 designs with several new color combinations that launch today exclusively on Klum’s 410 pair will retail for $90 while the 320 is available on the site for $80.

Red New Balance Sneakers

Heidi Klum + Jordache Jeans

Heidi Klum + Jordache Jeans Heidi Klum, wife of pop-star Seal, follows in the steps of Elizabeth Hurley and Brittany Murphy and becomes the new face (or should that be butt) of Jordache Jeans. The ads were shot by filmmaker Brett Ratner in the penthouse of the Chateau Marmont hotel in Los Angeles.

“With her success as a supermodel, businesswoman and mother, Heidi embodies the sexy confidence that the Jordache brand is about,” said Liz Berlinger, president of Jordache Enterprises.

In the late 1970s, Jordache rode the designer denim wave with the likes of Calvin Klein and Gloria Vanderbilt with their skin-tight dark denim embroidered with their iconic falcon crest. While the jeans then were so tight the image of girls having to lie down in order to zip up their jeans, today the line, like most skinny jeans on the market, has been updated with the addition of spandex for modern comfort.

With retro high-waisted jeans making a comeback but the denim market already awash with designer brands, using a famous face like Klum’s will likely garner some attention for a brand like Jordache.

Heidi Klum Birkenstock Sandals Seal the deal

Heidi Klum Birkenstock Shoes Birkenstock SandalsHeidi Klum, supermodel and wife of singing sensation Seal is now an international footwear designer too. Heidi Klum has recently finished her 3rd footwear collection for Birkenstock. This collection, according to Birkenstock, is her most glamorous take on Birkenstock sandals to date and includes:

Madrid “Diamond” feature metallic grained leather uppers in gold or silver appliqued with rhinestones and crystal hearts.

“Saphire”, Heidi‘s two-strap sandal features two-tone metallic leather uppers, adorned with rivets and rhinestones. This style is available in three colour combinations: gold/silver, pink/silver and green/blue.

All sandals had their traditional cork-latex footbed covered in matching metallic leathers and come with a silver plated Heidi Klum pendant.

An objective on-looker might deduce that Birkenstock are moving away from their traditional “eco-conscious” and “green” customer base and are attempting to woo a new affluent and trendy customer who would easily empathise with the glamourous profile and, indeed, lifestyle of Heidi Klum and Seal. Let’s face it, the traditional Birkenstock customer has probably never even heard of Heidi Klum and is more likely to empathise with Ghandi or St Francis. So is this a conscious decision by Birkenstock to move away from their traditional “carrot-crunching” customer base or are they simply attempting to be all things to all people? The latter is perhaps the more plausible answer and who can blame them for wanting to achieve global dominance just like every other high-profile brand.

Nonetheless, part of us all longs for a brand free from celebrity and stardom, a brand pure, free and simple — a brand reminiscent of the “hippie” era. Birkenstock used to be that brand. Maybe a new celebrity-free “Brand Messiah” will come forward and fill the void — suggestions in writing please.