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Green Fashion = FutureFashion

Green Fashion = FutureFashionDuring New York Fashion Week, 28 top designers dazzled New York with cutting edge eco-friendly fashions on the runway.  Renewable, reusable, non-polluting fabrics such as organic cotton and wool, bamboo, corn-based fibers, recycled fibers and biopolymers were transformed into everything from elegant couture to street wear.

Why FutureFashion?

FutureFashion have launched FutureFashion as an Earth Pledge Initiative to continue to educate, research and demonstrate to the industry and consumers that there are interesting options and that we still have a long way to go.

25% of agricultural pesticides are used on cotton, causing major water pollution, chronic illness in farm workers, and devastating impacts on wildlife. In the United States, cancer rates in states that produce cotton are significantly higher than in neighboring states that do not. The acidic chemicals used to process synthetic fabrics find their way into our rivers and streams, lowering the pH and destroying ecosystems. Materials such as bamboo and hemp are faster growing, more durable, and more renewable than conventional textiles.

Sustainable fashion is within reach and need not limit the range and quality of products that designers can offer, from couture to sportswear to home furnishings. By promoting eco-friendly products such as organic cotton, organic wool, corn fibers, recycled fabrics, biopolymers, natural dyes to industry and consumers, we can prove that style and sustainability can coexist – creating market demand and improving our environment and health.

Stella McCartney Anti Fur Fashion

Stella McCartney Anti Fur Fashion Stella McCartney is to launch a virtual antifur protest. On July 12, the designer and PETA will co-host an online event on a specially created island in the virtual world. Visitors to the island  will be able to show their support for PETA in virtual terms.

All visitors will receive a selection of antifur accessories for their Second Life character to wear; they can donate money in Linden dollars, the community’s currency, which the animal rights group will be able to exchange for real U.S. dollars, and they will be able to dress their character in a T-shirt bearing the slogan “I’d rather be pixilated than wear fur.”

“Sometimes it’s nice to have a bit of humour on serious subjects,” said McCartney, whose island will be open through July 29, in a statement. Those who take a trip to the online idyll will be able to scoop real-world prizes, too. A competition will run until July 19, for which visitors can submit a new PETA slogan, based around its tag line, “I’d rather go naked than wear fur.” Prizes will include two tickets to McCartney’s spring 2008 show in Paris, one of the designer’s Appaloosa bags and her entire Care skin care line.

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM

Vegan Shoes + Ethical Fashion = NOHARM At Last!! Genuinely stylish and ethically responsible shoes and fashion. The NOHARM collection is the Gucci of the green, vegan and ethical world. This classy and ethical brand is handcrafted in Italy and conforms to a set of high ethical standards. The future of fashion starts here.

“NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a growing and powerful demographic.

“Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods.” NOHARM site.