Dr Denim JeansDr. Denim Jeansmakers is about passion; about loving what you do. This attitude has characterised generations of entrepreneurs in the Graah family. The story of Dr. Denim Jeansmakers starts in 1986 when Johannes and Alexander visited a denim factory for the first time. The pace, the smells and the large amounts of garments and denim laid the foundation for ideas around a new jeans brand, which started taking shape around 1994. During the hot summer of 2003, things got serious. Dr. Denim Jeansmakers was established by Morten, Johannes and Alexander Graah, resting on a combination of extensive denim industry experience and academic excellence. In 2004, the first collection was unveiled, and the brand is now available in stores across 24 countries world-wide.

This gets Dr. Denim Jeansmakers going
The Fuel: creating the perfect jeans
The Fuse: people wearing the jeans proudly
The Engine: knowledge
The Wheels: the Graah family
The Pimp: setting all artistic impulses free
The Joyride: daring to have fun. Trusting intuition