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Worst Designer Jeans on the Planet?

The question was asked on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum: “What are the worst jeans on the planet?”. Take a butchers to see whether your choice is mentioned. View Here >

One opinion shared is: “for me it has to be Joykeep Jeans (or Jkeep). They make the worst knockoff versions of brand name labels like Levi’s. These knockoffs often have altered logos (Joykeep label are missing the two horses), riddled with spelling errors (button misspelled Baisc instead of Basic) and often poor quality material.”

British Jeans Industry Revival?

Paradoxically, Cardigan is a town in Wales historically known for making jeans but those days are long gone, or have they? Here we go:

“In Hollywood, it’s hard to find a waiter who is not going to be an actor,” says David Hieatt, a clothing entrepreneur who plans to set up shop in the centuries-old town. “In Cardigan, it’s equally as hard to find someone who hasn’t made jeans.” Hieatt wants Cardigan’s craftspeople to make jeans again and hopes to get his venture off the ground soon.


Designer Jeans + Top 30

Yahoo! Buzz names the top 30 jeans on the web. Seven Jeans comes in at number 1, True Religion Jeans comes in at number 2 and Red Monkey Jeans comes in at number 3. Red Monkey Jeans, or to be more precise, RMC Jeans by Martin Ksohoh is a true fashion phenomenon. No one has ever seen denim and embroidery like RMC and the brand even puts the mighty Evisu in the shade. This is the run down of the top 30 jeans:

Designer Jeans + Top 30

Designer Jeans meet expensive Designer Jeans

Designer Jeans meet expensive Designer JeansSo we all know designer jeans don’t come cheap. Premium denim brands like Seven for All Mankind, Evisu, Armani, Versace Jeans, Dolce & Gabbana, Antik Denim, Earnest Sewn, RMC and many others sell from anywhere between $200 and $800 and there are plenty of us out there willing to cough-up the cash for that premium denim thrill….  

….but how far would you go? Would you pay over $1,000 for a pair of exclusive designer jeans — maybe? Well if you are willing to pay that kind of money you’re not alone and you’ll not need to worry about your options because there’s a growing list of designer brands entering the “Transcendent” Premium Denim market. The Transcendent premium denim market includes any designer jeans over and above the $1,000 mark. The most famous Transcendent premium denim includes the Evisu “Millennium” Golds which sold for a whopping £1,200 (approximately $2,000) in the year 2000 — these designer jeans where signed by the Evisu founder Hidehiko Yamane and where limited to 100 pairs each with 22kt gold buttons and 22kt gold thread. Hold on, the Evisu Millenniums are nowhere near the most expensive Transcendent premium denim designer jeans. The Gucci “Genius Jeans” a basic pair of Gucci designer jeans had been distressed, ripped and covered with African beads were priced at $3,134 in 1998. It doesn’t stop there — Escada couture produce jeans that sell for up to $10,000; Escada designer jeans adorned with 14 karat gold or silver rivets and diamond buttons. And we mustn’t forget the amazing A.P.O. custom-made designer Jeans which sell for up to $4,000 and are embellished with diamonds, gold and platinum, not to mention specially woven Indian denim which costs $40 a yard!

The Transcendent premium denim jeans listed above pale into insignificance compared to the most expensive jeans ever acquired. In 2001 Levi Strauss & Co reputed paid an incredible $46,532 for a pair of Levis were found in a Nevada mining town and date back to the 1880s. 

Transcendent premium denim designer jean market looks destined to grow as more and more consumers demand unparallel luxury and originality. Just how high this niche market will go only time will tell.