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C.P. Company, first Wallace Faulds collection

C.P. Company, first Wallace Faulds collectionNext week in Milan, C.P. Company will unveil its first collection from head designer Wallace Faulds, the former design chief for John Galliano men’s wear.

Wallace Faulds, new Head Designer, is a graduate of Kingston University School of Fashion in London, Scottish-born Wallace Faulds honed his skills at Burberry and Studio Griffin before joining John Galliano where he has been head designer of John Galliano’s men’s line from 2005 to February 2009.

Commenting on his appointment at C.P. Company, Wallace Faulds said, “This is going to be an adventure as much as a challenge. I feel very excited and positive about the future.”

Faulds could have not said it any better. Founded in 1975 as Chester Perry Company, later shortened to C.P. Company, the Ravarino-based maison based its aesthetics in the military uniform and working clothes that leaned heavily on function and use.

As Carlo Rivetti, president of C.P. Company described it, Faulds job will be “not focus on radical changes but on the strengthening of archetypes.”

“Wallace will contribute with his fresh and international vision to the natural evolution of the brand into the future. His appointment is a logical response to the needs of today’s world, with total respect for our long-lasting ideals,” Rivetti added.


C.P. Company began manufacturing Italian casual wear in 1975 with the idea of bringing traditional clothing elements back into a man’s wardrobe. Since then they have gone onto produce over 40,000 garments, each piece reflecting C.P. Company’s philosophy – Function and Use.

The design and creation of C.P. Company clothing originates from their interest and research into military uniforms and work suits and more recently emphasis has fallen on the evolution of urban city wear. The main attraction of this type of clothing is the way in which function and wearability is combined with elegance and comfort.

C.P. Company design also focuses on the use of technical properties, either added to the fabric or the finished garment. For example, the use of large pockets, smog masks and heavy durable materials are all created carefully to suit specific situations.

One of C.P. Company’s main aims has been to produce garments, which are exclusively individual, using new fabrics and finishes. This is achieved from continual experimentation with different weaves, fabrics and colours. The company uses advanced creative technology – new found raw materials are dyed, printed on, coated, washed and treated, all in ways to find the ultimate C.P. Company product.

C.P. Company unites technology and knows how with human resources with the aim of maintaining coats and outerwear, knitwear, shirts and trousers all with one unique look.
In this day and age where clothing is seen as a form of personal identity, C.P. Company believes that their philosophy has become more actual – Function and Use has become a symbol of individuality, style and as always functionality.


Sportswear Company, a historical company in the scenario of Italian casual wear manufacturers, started off in 1974 under the name “Chester Perry”. At the end of the Seventies it became C.P. Company and growth followed accompanied by clear-cut success: that of Boneville and Stone Island joined the historic label.

Towards the mid-Eighties the company was taken over by Rabaldo Togna and by GFT and, with the arrival of Carlo Rivetti as Managing Director in 1989, the sportswear activity of GFT got underway with the name of Sportswear Company.

In 1993, following the selling off policy adopted by GFT, Sportswear Company was taken over entirely by Rivetex, the financial company held by Cristina Rivetti and her brother Carlo, with Carlo Rivetti as president.

The present portfolios of collections that Sportswear Company are manufacturing and developing are C.P. Company, Stone Island, Stone Island Denims, C.P. Company Donna and C.P. Company Children.

CP Company Clothing + Mille Miglia jacket A/W2006

CP Company Clothing + Mille Miglia jacket A/W2006CP Company started life as Chester Perry in 1974, set up by Massimo Osti. A graphic artist from Bologna, he switched full-time to fashion after designing a successful run of T-shirts. In 1982, to meet the demands of an ever-growing audience, a diffusion line, Stone Island, was created, which specialised in surface treatment of fabrics and dyeing techniques. In 1993 shareholder Carlo Rivetti, the driving force in the company’s continued development, bought the company outright, bringing in Moreno Ferrari to design the CP Company line. CP Company Clothing A/W 2006 Collection straight from the horse’s mouth:

“The brand represents a man of our times; A confident man eager to seize the spirit of life and look toward the future, yet aware of his past. The collection combines curiosity, research, and history, and has created it’s own evolution by constant advancements in fabric technologies.  C.P. Company pays full attention to all functional details and continues to experiment on fabrics and treatments.  The brand understands movement and produces garments that are not only durable, but also extremely comfortable.

Treatments and dyeing techniques are a huge part of the fabric advancement, by over dying garments more depth is conveyed which creates a three dimensional quality.  The Tinto Terra, in particular has achieved a huge advancement and evolution in the “earth-dyeing” procedure.  The garment is first, dyed and then over-dyed with natural pigments creating colour – changing and bias-relief effects.     

The Mille Miglia jacket has undergone a manual stressing and garment finishing to convey and the depth the history of the jacket.  This jacket was originally designed to pay homage to the Italian drivers of the original Mille Miglia race that started in 1927.  The race was driven in open top cars, through sand, rain and snow.  The jacket has be seen in many different manifestations, this season the jacket is double twisted in matt nylon, water and oil resistant and lined in wool cloth combined with a natural sheepskin.  The cut given to the Mille Miglia and also biker jackets is now more ergonomic therefore now more functional.  Highly technical and functional fabrics are adapted to the metropolitan wearer. Water and oil-resistant are fabrics are thicker and more compact. With a Military inspired structure these pieces are able to satisfy the evolution of contemporary taste. “