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Burberry or Ralph Lauren Trench?

Sounds almost like a transatlantic battle of the brands. When in truth there really is no competition between Burberry and Ralph Lauren when it comes to the traditional trench coat. The real competition would have to be between Aquascutum and Burberry. Take a butchers at the threads hereand here.

Burberry, from Chav to Depraved?

New Burberry Despoke, from Chav to Depraved! Burberry now allows visitors to customise their trench coats with MINK linings and shearling collars. Burberry’s continued glorification of fur could be its next big headache as the brand migrates back to the bad old days of putting financial gain before its soul. Over the past decade we have reported on some of Burberry’s misadventures and then Angela Ahrendts came along and saved the great British brand. Now we fear she maybe taking them down road where fashion meets the blood of Smithfields!

Burberry, from Chav to Depraved?

Burberry Report 1

Burberry Report 2

Burberry Report 3

“Down the road, we’ll get into made-to-measure,” says Burberry’s chief executive, Angela Ahrendts. Burberry Bespoke is “the next evolution” for the brand and an indication of where the luxury sector is headed, she says. The customisation program will expand to include other products and options, she says.

“Honestly it makes no difference at all” how many custom coats Burberry sells, Ms. Ahrendts says. “It’s customer engagement. You want them to engage with the brand.”.

It’s starting to sound like the old Burberry Chav days when all that matters is sales at the expensive of the company’s soul.

Burberry Trenchcoat + Artofthetrench

<br /> Burberry Trenchcoat celebrates our iconic trench coat, capturing the emotional connection behind our distinctive outerwear heritage. Everybody has a different story related to their coat or the first time they came into contact with one – I love the idea that people from all over the world can share those stories and images with each other and all the different attitudes and expressions of the Burberry trench coat and the people who wear it.”
Christopher Bailey, Burberry Creative Director

Artofthetrench is a new Burberry digital platform with social networking functionality.
The site will be an ongoing project between Burberry and some of the world’s leading image makers, building a living testament to the trench coat with regular collaborations being announced.

Burberry will invite site users to submit their own portraits to feature on the site, creating a body of images reflecting personal trench coat style across the globe.

For the launch of the site, Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey commissioned a collection of photographs of trench coats wearers taken by photographer Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist.

For this first collaboration, Scott has been capturing street portraits of people in Burberry trench coats in London, Milan, New York, Paris, Berlin, Sao Paulo and Venice over the last few months.