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Evisu Jeans – back on the rise

In the 90s to early naughties, Evisu was one of the most sort after denim brands on the market. Founded by Hidehiko Yamane in 1991 in Osaka, Japan, Evisu Genes (aka Ebisu and Evis) was one of the most well-known traditional Japanese (raw) denim producers. Yamane was trained as a tailor and was “discovered” by the Ben Sherman leadership team. Moving into the mid naughties the brand started to lose its unique status and recognition and sales declined. But like all good fashion it looks like Evisu down-cycle is short lievd as it starts to gain the attention of a new younger audience. Keep your eyes peeled for the renaissance of the Evisu brand of related brands like Ijin Material and RMC.

APC Jeans Go Green!

APC Jeans Go Green!

APC goes green by recycling. Simply take your old APC jeans over to their Dover Street store and swap them for a brand new pair for half the price. Your old jeans will then be washed, pressed and resold as part of the new Butler Worn-Out series. Not exactly sure if this is going to be a winner since most of us spend a fortune in time wearing our denim in and probably won’t want to part with them for any dazzling discount deal.

APC Jeans Go Green!

APC Jeans + Butler Worn Out Jeans

‘APC Jeans + Butler Worn Out JeansGet a pair of buttered up APC jeans without the rough beginning. Jean Touitou, creator of A.P.C. has a reputation for lateral thinking and the “Butler Worn Out” jeans concept sums that up nicely. In a nut shell, A.P.C. customers trade in their broken-in jeans for a new pair at half price. The used pair are then marked with the original owner’s initials before being, washed, ironed ‘inside and out’ and resold. Would you buy a used pair or does the thought of someone else’s butt and other bits in the same denim space turn you off?