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Opening of the Acne London Shop

Opening of the Acne London Shop

Acne Studio London. The trendy Swedish label’s first UK shop is based in a five-story townhouse in the heart of London’s Mayfair. Of the new space the label’s founder and creative director Jonny Johansson said “Ever since we formed ACNE we always talked about a house with different levels of creativity to house all of our artistic endeavours. The Studio will be more than just clothing it will be a house of differing creativity”. Guests at the opening included Daisy Lowe, Julia Restion-Roitfeld, Jamie Winstone, Ben Grimes and more.

Acne Ladieswear

Acne Paper : Art and Spirituality

Acne Clothing
The ninth issue of Acne Paper addresses the dual themes of Art and Spirituality, and explores the relationship between these two inextricably linked areas of study.

The cover story sees a unique collaboration between Tilda Swinton and Paolo Roversi. Other collaborators include David Lynch, Marina Abramovic and Maureen Paley, and an extensive art portfolio is curated by Lisa Rovner and Neville Wakefield.

Acne Jeans + Acne Paper

‘Acne Jeans + Acne PaperAcne Paper is published twice a year by Acne and is a collaboration between Acne Jeans, Acne Film, Acne Digital and Acne Creative.

Issue No 7 opens and ends with an extraordinary portfolio: A pair of 15th century tapestries were recently restored by the Royal Manufacturers De Wit in Mechelen. These two hangings are probably the most important from the late Middle Ages to have survived. The 20 page presentation consists of fragments which render the grandeur of the tapestries, telling in great intricacy and detail the mythological lifespan of the Macedonian king Alexander.

Other features in this issue includes: interviews with Nan Goldin, Dr. Valerie Steele, William Burlington, Richard Purdey, Rupert Thomas. Photographic work by Serge Leblon, Katerina Jebb and Richard Burbridge.

Acne Clothing

Acne ClothingThis season the women’s and men’s Acne collections have been on separate journeys, inspiration-wise, although they keep the playful and irreverent take on fashion that is so important to Acne. Similarly, Acne wardrobe concept is in constant focus, allowing the wearer to pick and choose from a palette filled with exotic textures, unusual fabrics and unexpected colours, with the intention of creating a look entirely one’s own.

Acne Clothing, Autumn/Winter 08

Acne Clothing, Autumn/Winter 08Acne Clothing continues to evolve and is well deserving of a place in the fashion world’s top eschalons. The brand is confident enough to be genuine and avoid the pitful of pretentious postering, so common amongst its contemparies. Hats off to Acne and its Autumn/Winter 08 collection.

Acne Trainers

Acne TrainersThis classic shoe, which is available in both a high-top and a low-top version, takes its cue from a marriage between an archetypal Tretorn sneaker worn by tennis legend Björn Borg and a specific gym shoe used by the Chinese military in the 1960s and subsequently dug out of a New York vintage store.

Acne Chinos

Acne ChinosThis spring Acne is proud to introduce the first line of POP Chinos. The chinos are created under our new design program POP Classics, where garments that are considered timeless are given new relevance through contemporary design interpretations. All chinos comes with signature bright colored lining on the inside.

Like jeans the original chino derive from masculine utility-wear made for longevity. Originally used in British military uniforms in the 19th century, the chino gained popularity in the United States when young soldiers brought them home from war. Today, the chino represents ease, leisure and an ever classic silhouette.

Acne Jeans + Gentleman’s Jeans

Acne Jeans + Gentleman’s JeansThe Gentleman’s Jeans is a pair of blue, elegant jeans, created for a mature man of work and leisure. The jeans has been designed by Gert Jonkers and Jop van Bennekom from Fantastic Man together with Creative Director Jonny Johansson at Acne, in a style that has been seen before on our fathers and uncles, but now updated and made wonderful for today. The Gentleman’s Jeans is available in a limited edition at Colette in Paris, in selected Acne Studios and at the Acne Store

Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2007

Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2007 Acne Jeans Autumn/Winter 2007 Collection is now available at selected stores. Imagine the defiant and fearless gaze of Patti Smith coupled with the energetic bedlam of Emir Kusturica’s portrayal of the Eastern European gypsy, and you have the two bedrocks of Acne Jeans new Autumn/Winter Collection.

…And don’t miss the brand new Acne concept store in the heart of the SOFO area!