Boss Orange – A Classic by Hugo Boss

Boss Orange is a classic that has attracted chatter on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum – Take a butchers here

BOSS Orange is HUGO BOSS casual wear line and stands for a light hearted, easygoing attitude. The casual collections are characterized by urban influences and are aimed at men and women who emphasize their own individual fashion style. Shoes and accessories, as well as licensed watches, eyewear and fragrances complete the look.

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Here’s a debate worth a butchers on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum about the validity of Anti-Fashion:

“is anti-fashion still a form of fashion?”

“good question. i suspect it is if you wear a t-shirt to that effect. it’s all semantics. what is the true definition of fashion?”

“official definition =

1.a prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.: the latest fashion in dresses. 2.conventional usage in dress, manners, etc., esp. of polite society, or conformity to it: the dictates of fashion; to be out of fashion. 3.manner; way; mode: in a warlike fashion. 4.the make or form of anything: He liked the fashion of the simple, sturdy furniture. 5.a kind; sort: All fashions of people make up the world. 6.Obsolete. 7.Obsolete. act or process of making. give a particular shape or form to; make: The cavemen fashioned tools from stones. accommodate; adjust; adapt: doctrines fashioned to the varying hour. 10.Shipbuilding. to bend (a plate) without preheating. 11.Obsolete. to contrive; manage. 12.after or in a fashion, in some manner or other or to some extent; in a makeshift, unskillful, or unsatisfactory way: He’s an artist after a fashion.”

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Alien Fashion – Star Wars Jeans

Take a butchers at this one on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum:

“a bit of a tongue-in-cheek question. do you think aliens would be into fashion? if so, what would be there fashion’s characteristics? do you think it would be androgynous?”

Full thread here >

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Armani Shirts and more…

Armani has had more chatter on the Kitmeout fashion forum than most Italian brands. Get a butchers here >

Kind of chatter about Armani goes:

“Italian fashion designer Giorgio Armani has said he always looks east to China for inspiration.
“China has always been very present in my collection. Even before I came here, I’ve always been inspired by China, I have always dreamt and imagined Asia. It fascinates me,” he said in Hong Kong Wednesday.

With the opening up of the country, Armani said he hoped to further expand his business in the mainland.

“Since my last visit two years ago when we had only a handful of shops, today we have over 30; this is becoming a very large reality and there’s much more to come,” he said.

“In fact, the Greater China market now represents even a bigger market in retail than in South Korea where we’ve been present for 15 years. It demonstrates the speed with which the market is now growing and the potential.”

Greater China – the mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan – recorded the largest increase in worldwide sales, up 38 percent, for the Armani Group in the first half of last year.”

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Levi Jeans to RMC Jeans, old and boney!

Here we take a retrospective butchers at the boney jeans phenomenon followed by Levi Jeans and RMC. Full thread here >

“I don’t think they are that bad. When I read the title of the thread – I was getting scared! Nowhere near as bad as I imagined. Suppose it’s different from the usual skulls that have been around for ages.”

Evisu, the Brand

Evisu has had a great deal of chatter on the Kitmeout fashion forum over the years. Here’s a typical post:

“pre ben sherman the brand was still raw and hidehiko was inspired t design. he then got soft with too much wealth during the ben sherman years when peter caplin took the brand mainstream. then post ben sherman the brand has moved into mainstream commercialism and has been partially devastated by the counterfeit industry and ebay.”

Take a butchers at a bunch of Evisu threads here >

“evisu’s high point in the uk at least was probably around 2000 – 02 (mellennium golds). it had some limited success in the usa a bit later. insomniax has hit the timeline almost perfectly.

tom when you say “there was a period in the 90’s where it was an extremely popular brand”, could you clarify that? very popular where and with whom?

btw, are you doing personal research or research for a company?

i think there’s a wider question here: what is the realistic life-expectancy of a brand like evisu?”

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Massimo Osti – The Unpretentious Fashion Icon

It’s been argued throughout the Kitmeout Fashion Forum that the days of the Fashion persona are numbered. Many of the post-print generation are turned off by pretentious fashion designers trumpeting their name across clothes and magazines. One fashion king stands out though for his quiet genius and unpretentious style, Massimo Osti – the late, great fashion designer renown for unrivaled innovation.

Here’s one of many questions on the fashion forum: “What’s the consensus on Massimo Osti clothing? Can you still buy the brand? I know there was some talk of his son doing a collection under the Massimo Osti banner.”.

Small collection of genuine archive Massimo Osti available here >

D&G Sizing – Italian Clothing Sizing

It seems there’s a lot of trouble knowing what size to order when buying Italian clothes online:

“Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With D&G’s Sizing? Everything Is 2 Or 3 Sizes Smaller Than The Tag. I Ordered A Pair Of Jeans. I Am A 33 So I Ordered A 34 And They Are Smaller Than My Armani 30 Waist. This Has Happen With D&G Shirts In The Past As Well.”.

Here’s the full thread on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum >

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Emporio Armani Underwear – a retrospective

In this retrospective we take a butchers at Giorgio Armani’s observation:

“Who better than Victoria Beckham to launch our new global Emporio Armani underwear campaign? Victoria is a style icon, a dynamic lady whose influence and recognition will add great excitement to the continued international growth of our Emporio Armani women’s underwear business.”

Does anyone believe that Georgy Porgy actually penned that comment? See full thread on the Fashion Forum, here >

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Lee Jeans – James Dean

Here we take a retrospective butchers at a no-nonsense hard nut and his denim.

“Most of the items came from David Loehr’s now-defunct James Dean Gallery in Gas City. Loehr had collected Dean items for 30 years and displayed them for 17 years at his gallery.

The most expensive auction item was a pair of jeans Dean wore in “Giant,” one of three movies the Hoosier actor made before dying in a 1955 car crash. The jeans sold for $35,850.”

Full thread here >

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Fur Coats and Celebrities

Here’s a raw thread on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum – take a butchers

Here’s a snippet:

“I think in the main celebrities who wear fur do so out of ignorance. they are generally so out of touch with the real world and I genuinely believe that if they really did understand the suffering that takes place and just how unpopular it all is with the general public they wouldnt wear it. Lets be honest their whole career is based around their popularity after all.”.

Italian Fashion in Milan

There’s plenty of debate on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum concerning the top fashion cities in the world. Milan often comes up on top. Take a butchers at this thread:

“am off to Milano on monday, will be there for two days.
so..what are the best stores to visit and best shopping streets?
Italian tailoring and hand made shirts; I’m sure is top notch but it’s just not me.
give me some”cool” stores with a bit of denim and some contemporary fashion please.”

Read more >

“u should check out corso buenos aires as well as alll the other ways mentioned before…

i personally suggest:

DAAD (Corso Matteotti, 20)
ERAL 55 (Piazza XXV Aprile 14)
ANTONIA BOUTIQUE (Via Ponte vetero 9)
PURPLE SHOP (Corso Porta Ticinese 22)

They all worth a visit…… ”

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Discount Stone Island Jackets

Stone Island is one of the most popular brands on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum. Here is a bunch of threads going back over the years. See Here >

Take a butchers at the kind of comments: “It’s all part of the brand mystique that Stone Island in Italy and the Fourmarketing boys in the UK try to generate. Have to say they have done an incredible job over the past decade keeping Stone Island in the consciousness of it’s target audience and maintaining incredible and consistent sales. If they cannot get a grip on all the fakes and parallels coming into the UK they could find the brand in trouble in the very near future.”.

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Vivienne Westwood Fashion Model

From the Sex Pistols to Bondage, Viv likes to do it different. The cynics say it’s simply clever marketing, getting attention for nothing more than intellectually devoid fluff – perhaps? On the other hand, giving Viv the benefit, many see her as truly unique. Here we get a butchers of an atypical male model: an ordinary geezer who clearly likes a pint, a burger and an hour on the sunbed:

Take a butchers at the full thread on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum, here >

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CP Company made in Indonesia

Kitmeout was selling CP Company back in 2000 and has long been a big fan of the brand and its father Massimo Osti.

Here’s an interesting thread on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum:

“Any of you lot know if CP Company have started making gear in countries other than Italy. I have got quite a bit of CP stuff and are all made in Italy. But recently i purchased a S.I demins t shirt from and when it arrived i noticed it was made in Rumania (or to us Romania) then just a few days ago i purchased a body warmer off ebay and this was made in Indonesia. It’s got the spa tag with art number etc.. so it’s real but i’m not used to seeing CP and Stoney gear made elsewhere. Do any of you have clothes made in any of these countries.”

Take a butchers at the full thread here

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The woes of a Vegetarian Fashionista

An interesting thread on the dilemmas of ethical fashion:

“i can picture it now: sitting in a suave veggie bar wearing a pair of calf skin gucci loafers weeping over a tofu wrap.”

Take a butchers at the thread on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum

“it’s partially true. soy bean production like any other farmed crop is a strain on the enviornment. however, it is nothing compared to the detrimental impact that livestock farming produces. cattle produce more carbon than all the cars in the world combined and here’s the big one, it takes 1 acre of livestock to produce 1lb or meat protein but the same 1 acre can produce 10lb of veg protein. so bean farming is not only more environmentally sound it also has the ability to feed the starving.”

Levi Vintage, Edwin or Samurai Jeans

Here’s a question on the Kitmeout forum delving into the question of top notch denim. Worth a butchers:

“Loving the look of these jeans, not had hands on any yet, differences between these, how good are each brand and where best available, I’ve discovered now Levi Vintge are an online or Regent Street purchase, Edwin only seen online but been recommended Interstate and Samurai I got no idea where to find, how good are each what is cut like, being bulky legged I need straight cut without being slim but like a nice dark raw denim finish for a new outfit combination I’m thinking but preferably not needing me to lose another stone to fit them! Throw your opinions of these brands at me, pleasseeee.”

Full thread >

Jimmy Choo the man, not the brand!

There’s been a lot of talk about Jimmy Choo on the Kitmeout forum going back to his days prior to his success when Jimmy Choo ran a back street factory in Hackney, before Hackney was fashionable. Take a butchers:

“this is not exactly true because jimmy choo the actual man did produce men’s footwear. i remember as a really young kid going into his factory off of mare street opposite the old cordwainers college and seeing men’s shoes and i think my uncle bought some for the markets. i’ll ask him when i see him next. ”

Read the full thread about Jimmy Choo the man before Tamara took the brand. Read thread.

Sugarcane Jeans Savings

Togged has an incredible collection of Sugarcane Jeans, Jackets, Shirts and more at 25% discount. Take a butchers at their offerings here

Sugarcane Jeans have been one of the most popular topics of conversation on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum, including:


Full thread here

D&G Sizing

There’s been a lot of talk on the Kitmeout forum over the years concerning designer fashion sizing, particularly Italian clothes.

“Does Anyone Else Have A Problem With D&G’s Sizing? Everything Is 2 Or 3 Sizes Smaller Than The Tag. I Ordered A Pair Of Jeans. I am a 33 so I ordered A 34 And They Are Smaller Than My Armani 30 Waist. This Has Happen With D&G Shirts In The Past As Well.”.

Take a butchers at the full thread here