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Fashion Blog dedicated to Gaming Fashion. We look at all Gamers from a device agnostic position and comment on what they are wearing.

Markaplier Gaming Style

We take a look at markapliers fashion sense during July 2019

Gnarly beach shirt

Markaplier the YouTube hipster, shows off his radical gaming fashion sense.

Markiplier’s flannel shirt is VERY ticklish!

Beatemup’s 2019 gaming style

Gaming Tees and Deminwear

Nintendo tshirt

Check out Beatemup’s June and July 2019 casual Gaming style, wearing cool blue Nintendo switch t shirt, demin jeans and Calvin Klein boxers.

Gray Nintendo Tee

Beatempus looking like a gaming Rockstar.

Pokimane Chic

Gaming meets style!


Pokimane shows us a gamer can be stylish too. Looking chic in her catwalk style, Pokimane proves gamers can be fashion conscious!

Pokimane looking cool in a trendy vest

Jacksepticeye Man Bun


Do we love or loathe Jack’s Man Bun? For some it’s on the nail and for me it’s a case: Jack can wear anything (he’s so groovy).

Jacksepticeye so fly

Looking at his recent video with the Spiderman crew I thought he looked so fly with the man bun. He looks like a young Paul Weller with the white collar shirt straight out of a MOD movie like Quadrophenia.

Paul Weller x Jacksepticeye – separated at birth (nearly)

For the record, I am impressed by Jack’s latest style and will give him a big Kitmeout thumbs up! Nice one Jack!

Jacksepticeye fly white shirt

PewDiePie Style


Does PewDiePie personify perfect gaming fashion? The ubiquitous T-Shirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants and Trainers (Sneakers to our State side family). Or, and it’s a big ‘OR’, does PewDiePie need a fashion make-over?

We no PewDiePie influences millions of people (Gamers) across the globe. So does the modern-day Dickens have a responsibility to encourage us (Gamers) to be more conscious of our appearance. Let’s look at PewDiePie’s current garb as revealed through his latest YT posts:

Nice Mustard Hoody
Ubiquitous White T-Shirt (with witty graphic – nice!)

Are we seeing a fashion statement in these images from PewDiePie or are we simply seeing a guy wearing what’s comfortable? Suppose the man himself can only answer that question.

My view is PewDiePie needs to at least try a fashion make-over – it seems almost like he has an obligation to do so – as a modern day Dickens!